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newly diagnosed

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T1N0M0. Right upper centrally located lobe mass. Lobectomy, lobectomy, lobeectomy. That's all they say. Is there anyone out there who has had this and can tell me what to expect? Has anyone had a sleeve or wedge resection, if so what was the location of the mass and how did you feel after surgery. Need answers quick. I will probably have surgery before Thanksgiving. Any info appreciated. Thanks.

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Hello Webe;
I had a pneumonectomy (left lung removed)on May 2,2001. I was T2N1, Squamous cell carcinoma that caused pneumonia in the left lung. There's no easy way to go through this, just try to take it one day a time and remember if your operable your one of the lucky ones. And, there are SURVIVORS so get rid of the "lung cancer death sentance thoughts", lifes to precious to waste time doing that.
Some advice; get second opinions whenever you can, write questions down for the doc.'s and try to have someone go with you. Also, would suggest get treatment at a cancer center by specialists who specialize in lung cancer and have a proven track record. I know sometimes easier said then done but it is comforting.
Try to relax a bit, others have been through this and again it is survivable. Ohh, one other thing, 8 weeks after they took my lung out, I was hiking in the jungles of Costa Rica with family & friends. It was'nt easy but was doable. Hang in there, you'll be in thoughts and prayers. I can be reached here at ACS,or at rmccu37700@aol.com or at lungcancersurvivors.org if you need to talk.
God bless and be well
Bobmc - NSCLC- stageIIB- left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01; " absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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Hi I am new to this website but my dad just had a lobectomy on the same location. He is entering the 6th week of recovery and is slowly but surely getting his strength back. He is 79 years young and only spent a 5 days in the hospital. He went in on Monday and was home by Friday. Sadly he has to go back for a second surgery b/c the surgeon did not get all of the tissue and there was some in his bottom right lobe. I would have to say his will to live and support from loved ones is helping him recover.
He would not have to go back for the second surgery if the surgeon had consulted with pathology during surgery and made sure that he got all the cancerous tissue. I would suggest doing as many tests to make sure that it is localized in that one section.
I am indeed new to this whole process as well and if you need any support or would like to contact me you can do so at danaocallaghan@hotmail.com

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thanks Jose, got enough going on without having to worry about viruses and spiders.
God bless

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I had an upper right lobectomy a year ago Nov 21st..I went home from hospital on Nov 29th (day after Thanksgiving) I needed no chemo or radiation..After about a week at home I was back driving, cooking and doing all my own chores..I had to find alternate ways to do some things because of course I did not have all my strength back, but it is very doable...Today I am still on nothing except oncology visits and CT scans every 4 to 6 months..Hopefully it will continue this way.I feel good, but of course I quit smoking and gained about 25 pounds after I got out of the hospital, but I can live with that..The first few days in the hospital were uncomfortable, but it is certainly manageable with medication and such..Once they removed the tube from my lung (the one that reexpands it after surgery)I felt really pretty good..A little weak, but that is to be expected..Hopefully you've had your surgery and all is well..If you haven't had it yet I wish you all the best and a speedy recovery..Hopefully surgery is all you need..Have they mentioned anything at all about treatment after surgery?

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