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Newbie on CNS

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Hi, My name is Trey. I'm 16 and was diagnosed with medullablastoma in the summer of '02. I have been off steroids for about three weeks. I have to use a walker and/or wheelchair to get around. Does the weakness in the legs ever go away?

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yes, after my ordeal with brain and spinal cancer. I was unable to even move my head. I had to relearn to lift my head. When I was released cancer free. I was in a wheelchair. If
I tried to stand up I would simply collaspe under my own weight. My knees would simply give out. At first I had to hold on to walls to hold me up. Little by little my legs got stronger. Try practicing standing up and sitting down, and other leg exercises. You didn't say if you were in remission or not. I'm assuming you are. All you have to do is be determined and see yourself walking, just keep doing it and it will be!!!!!!LOve Lisa

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