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Chemo with irinotecan(CPT-11/camptosar) and 5-fu/leucv

secondchance48 Member Posts: 6
edited March 2014 in Colorectal Cancer #1
Any long-term feedback on this treatment? I was just diagnosed with recurrent colon cancer and was told that I have nine months if I don't opt for any further treatment. I thought that this regimen sounded promising. I am going to Georgetown University to try to get as advanced treatment as possible. I just want some decent quality to whatever time I have left. Am I dreaming?


  • ron50
    ron50 Member Posts: 1,723
    You are not dreaming Marilyn,If I were in your position I would be taking the best options to extend survival. Who knows that next big breakthrough or yes even a cure might be just around the corner and you have to survive to be there for that chance. I know how hard it is to fight and how easy it would be to give in to your suggested fate but I firmly believe that everyones fate for the most part is in their own hands and I hope you choose to fight on. Ron . P.S. Whatever you choose you won't loose any of my respect it's a tough situation and were not all equipped to deal with it.Kindest regards Ron.
  • vcavanagh
    vcavanagh Member Posts: 79
    Try [email protected] - there is a lot of good info. re. irinotecan(camptosar). Click into "Cancertalk" at this site. I wish you every blessing.
  • wildcat
    wildcat Member Posts: 40
    I am really not familiar with the treatment. Is it the washing method? I finished Colon/rectal cancer treatments six months ago and had the more normal chemo - radiation treatments. I have a close friend who is having the cleansing/washing treatment where they wash out the area and they do not put anything in the blood stream. He is having good success. Actually Georgetown was where he received treatments. He is now receiving the treatments at Creighton. The prognosis is good and the treatments were pretty comfortable. Good luck.