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lung cancer mestastisizing to the brain

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I am in remission from sclc but the great chance of it going to my brain concerns me. Can anyone give me the signs to watch out for . I have been getting headaches for the last two weeks that do go away with aspirin but they are consistant. Any first hand info would be apppreciated. MIke

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Hi Mike, I can't give you first hand info but I know that lung cancer can go to the brain and liver too , so I would go to your Dr. quickly. I have had lung cancer 2 times once in each lung and I know they checked me for 5 yrs. It will give you peace of mind to go and find out.
Sorry I can't be of more help, but I will say a little prayer for you, I know that works.

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Hi Mike - My father was diagnosed with cancer that spread to the brain on Sept 28th. His symptoms were early morning headaches that went away during the day, nausea, loss of appetite and eventually some balance problems. He had surgery on Oct 2nd to remove the brain tumor and the surgery was very successful. He has had no complications and has finished radiation. We are trying to find the primary source of the cancer, which dr's suspect is the lungs, but have been unable to find it. I would advise you to go in and get it checked out. You will feel much better once you take control. You will be in my prayers and I look forward to hearing how you are doing. Brenda

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Dear Michael, I am in remission for lung cancer also. I have had recurrance once only in the chest area. However, my mother had brain cancer. She had no headaches. Her initial symptoms were what they call ephasia ( may not be right spelling). It's when you do illogical things like putting salt in your coffee or trying to cut your meat with a spoon. I am assuming you are getting follow-ups. Of course the most definative test is the MRI for the brain. I am waiting for results of a PET scan after a bad looking CAT scan. A bit of advise. Never have restaging tests done around the holidays. It takes forever to get results and obviously ruins your holiday. Hope this has helped a little. I can honestly say I know just how you feel. Good health to you in the new year.

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Hi I thank you all for the insight. I am new to this chat, but I am so very lost in dealing with this. I have a Brother-in-law that has been diagnosed with lung cancer and 2 tumors in the brain. He has done his first stages of cemo, and to say it is working. But (I guess you realized I was going to say that) his eating has stopped. Everything and anything is not going to go down. We have tried to do any and everthing to find that right food. He has to eat Please any suggestions are very gladly appreciated. And only the very best to all in this coming year.

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