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Hi everyone,
I am a 38 year old female and have stage 4
gastric cancer. They took 2/3rds os my stomach, all the lining around it and 6 limp nodes. they found cancer in the lining of my limp nodes. I just finished 4.5 months of chemo and starting radiation soon.
I'm going to have radiation for 6-8 weeks.The doctors are telling me that I will probably not be able to drink or eat anything. I will be on a feeding tube full time. I only weight 95 pounds and am worried about keeping my weight up.
Has anyone one been thru simular treatments? I would really like to hear what to expect. can anyone help me, please!!

I wish you are the best of luck and my prayers go out to you!!

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iam aman..with 33 years..had a stomic cancer..i found out 5 months ago..had a chimo for3 months..now iam under radiation..and i still have other3 months to go with chimo...i lost weight through the radiation...feeling sick to the stomic..feeling tired..maybe upset..but it is for sure bettere than chimo....u will get through just fine....good luck

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Hello: I am 53 years of age, and when I was 35 I was diagnosed with gastric lymphoma. While this is somewhat different from the cancer you had, we both had the same treatment. I also, had 2/3 of my stomach removed and underwent 6 weeks of radiation therapy. There was no extreme feeling of being sick to my stomach. I did have some nausea, but it passed quickly. I was only 105 pounds, ( I am at 140 today, normal for me) and did not lose much more weight during radiation. There has been no sign of the disease since that time. I am checked every three months. The only association with the cancer now is that I take a B-12 injection, monthly, and 30mg of Prevacid, daily for stomach. My Oncologist tells me that the B-12 is VERY important, so talk with your physician about it. Please feel free to email me at anytime if I can give you any further information. Best of luck.

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Hi.your story sounds encouraging,my husband was diagnosed in Jan03,with his stomach totally removed, he is loseing weight with the radiation treatment but is eating well, he too has to B12 shots every month,do you have to go to the doctors every 3 months still? and what stage were you at when you found out? and it is soo good to hear you gained your weight back anything special you did do gain it back?...I would love to know ....thanks Cindy

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I was very interested in your message. My husband who is 55 has gastric cancer and had his entire stomach removed. We are now through the first phase of chemo and are in the final three treatments of the chemo/radiation combined. The last series of treatments involves wearing a chemo pump and having radiation 5 days a week has thrown a real wrench into his treatments. He can't eat, has trouble swallowing. He is now on TPN for a few days. Hope to be able to finish the last three chemo/radiation treatments this week. I was frustrated as he was able to eat very well before the radiation started. Thanks for your input

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