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Squamous cell carcinoma question

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Hi all,

I'm 47 years old with blond hair, fair skin, and lots of moles (both large and small) all over my body. Three weeks ago a scaly spot on my neck was diagnosed as squamous cell carinoma. Since then I have had the spot excised and the lab report said that the margins around the cancer were clear. According to the surgeon who removed the cancer from my neck, I could consider myself "cured." However, I asked for a second opinion from a dermatologist who found another spot (in addition to the first spot) that was excised and sent out to a lab for a biopsy report.

My concern is that the dermatologist mentioned that because I already have had squamous cell carcinoma there is a higher chance that I might have squamous cell carcinoma in the future. Has anyone out there had experience with this type of cancer returning? It would be very helpful to me to hear how others have dealt with skin cancer.

I'm very concerned that I might miss noticing any unusual and potentially cancerous spots on my skin. Cancer seems to run in my family -- both of my grandmothers died of brain tumors (one grandmother had several skin lesions removed from her face) and my mother just died of primary liver cancer. Thanks for any thoughts or info that any of you might have about squamous cell carcinoma -


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Thanks for your reply. I'll check out the web sites that you suggested.

I have another question for anyone out there who might know: Have any of you heard of a connection between a fatty diet and skin cancer? I've been doing some research at various internet sites and there seems to be several studies going on currently in regard to fatty diet and skin cancer. I love fried foods and buttered bread (yep, I could stand to loose 20 lbs too) so I'm wandering if, in addition to my fair skin, moles, and sun exposure my diet could be contributing to my skin cancer. Thanks -


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Dear Belle,

I am in a reocurrance of squamous cell. Mine has traveled a little.

Every three months after the cancer afflicted is removed, you usually get checked until our doctor deems you "out of the woods". The doctor will check for suspicous spots and take it from there.

Luckily, squamous cell carcinoma is slower growing than melanoma. If can cause disfiguration though if not treated early enough.

Now, they use topical chemotherapy for pre-cancers and basal cell. My surgeon said though the findings on curing it wasn't "convincing".

I hoped this helped.

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Why do you have moles all over your body ,why is that and i thought that you colud get those removed

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Hi belle20904,

I am 33 years old with blond hair and fair skin. I recently had a squamous cell carcinoma tumor removed. I am very nervous about whether or not it will return. Have you found anymore infomation out on what the likely hood is that this will come back?

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i'm dealing with squamous skin cancer now. it's not *always* simple - just usually is. the other portion - contribute to 40% deaths from skin cancer. i don't know why so many in the medical community seem to be ignorant. i had 3 doctors miss mine and unfortunatley, i am in a 'high risk' category - anyone is with just one risk factor and if both parents have had it, you are too.

squamous takes a lot of different forms. there are slow growing and fast growing forms (under one year, like mine) - all have the potential to metasize or spread. the most dangerous areas are head, neck, lip, hand or anywhere it's right on top of bone, nerves and cartilidge. there's other risk factors associated with it too.

if your talking scaley patches, then you probably are 'cured' as far as those sites are concerned. it doesn't mean you won't have it in the future though, if anything, it means the opposite. you are at an increased risk from ALL skin cancers and not just squamous. (basal cell doesn't work that way) from what i've learned - you can expect more within the next 5 yrs and probably for life. (might as well buy stock in coppertone, etc)

at a minimum, get a proffessional skin cancer ck now. someone that was initially dx'd with multiple sites - probably in the high risk category (find out more at www.nccn.org in thier guidelines for risk factors) you should have one more often than yearly for awhile. you should also get every pathology report generated for your own records - they say alot - including how aggressive it was. some can be quite aggressive depending on what type it is - those need to be treated more like melanoma since they spread microscopically.

squamous is fairly complicated in some cases. there isn't a lot of treatment available beyond the original diagnosis if you happen to get one of those 'rare' forms - so it pays to pay attention. the pictures of it i've seen on the web have looked nothing like the 2 types of squamous i've had. the most aggressive looked like regular ecezema to me (i'm atopic - another risk factor) and it probably was squamous in situ (pre cancer) regular doctors missed it too.

find a dermatologist familar with squamous. the one i have now, spotted it from across the room. personally, i don't think reg. doctors should be messing around with a lot of the skin cancers. the consequences for mistakes are way too high.

your smart to question.

hope that helps some.

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Good Day, I was looking through this site and came upon this one. Ihad removel of SCC yesterday. I have had this spot for 3 yrs. and have asked Drs. they said it was nothing. So i went to another surgeon he did a biopsy a week ago. Results Malignant Carcinoma. It was on the (R) side close to my eye the size of a large pea. Two hours of hell and hope that ill be the end of this really CUTE Black EYE. I'm so thankful i went to another Dr.He told me it could come back. I noticed in a reply that it could show up in another place. So i'm making an appointment with a specialist for a omplete body ck and evaluation.One of the bad things of living in Northern, NY. Not any specialists. I will keep you in my prayers for a long healthy life.

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My husband has just had the 11th one removed. they seem to be coming more often. he is retited marine and civil service. He was in nam in 65-66 and also we have just learned that they used agent orange in korea to.He has developed heart problems, will be needing valve replacement also has developed diabetis. All side effects of agent orange. trying how to file clain with va.

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