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Small Cell Lung Cancer

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A friend of mine has small cell lung cancer, he has gone through about 25 chemotherapy treatments. He is now dehydrated, cannot eat, fingernails are falling out, skin cracking and he had to be taken to the hospital. The doctor said he was allergic to chemo and that there was nothing more he could do, so he took him off radation treatment and said he was going to die soon. Before that the tumor was shrinking and had not spread any where, should his wife get a second opion? thank you.

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Oh my yes, I was allergic to the first chemo that they gave me.. like My Doctor said there is hundred of different mixture, I had to suck on ice cubesand grape popcycles that was the only thing I could hold down.. then the changed the mixture and I did great...

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yes, definatly get a second opinion and fast. This network can probably give you some guidandce. Mike

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