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Is anxiety "normal"

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i am the caregiver of my mother who has lung cancer. we bought a larger house so that we can all live together and make it easier for me to be there for her. overall she is doing pretty good. she has non small cell lung cancer and it is inoperatable.the biggest problem now is anxiety and nervousness she is on buspar, klonopin, zanax and zoloft.have been told that alot of cancer patients have this condition.any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated. i dont know what else to do for her to help her feel more comfortable..is this anxiety "normal"...thx

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Hi mdbyers this is my first post to this discussion group and I wanted to respond to your message. I am the caregiver for both my parents. My Mom has lymphoma, but has not started treatment yet. She is nervous and anxious also about her condition but they haven't put her on any meds for that. I imagine your Mom is warranted in feeling that way. I know I still do. I think talking about it and making her as comfortable as possible is going to be a big step. How do you make your mom feel comfortable? I guess by keeping the lines of communication open. She may even experience some side effects to her depression medicine that might make her feel antsy too. A big hug to you and your family. Cancer is a stressful thing for everyone. When one person has it, it affects not just one but the whole family. Yes, I am no doctor but I think anxiety is going to be a factor with anyone who has cancer and for those caring for ones that do.

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When my husband was diagnosed with cancer I was diagnosed with depression and panic disorder (which means I have anxiety attacks) a couple months later. I went to see a theripist who at the time I didn't know specializes in panic disorder(She also has Panic Disorder) . She is teaching me how to relax and it does help. She also is teaching me why my body does the things it does while I'm having an attack. If you can get her to see a theripist it might help.


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Hi my mom died 10 yrs ago of lung cancer and anxiety was a big problem the dr. had her on valuim and it helped the most better than any other drugs did also her worst time with anxiety was at night and she would stay awake almost all night and just needed love and reassurance from us. It can be real hard on the caregiver trying to be upbeat and reassuring but hang in there and keep talking to the dr. maybe they will find the right meds to help.and a loving positive attitude will help good luck

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