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31 year old one year survivor

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I have just celebrated my one year anniversary and am really trying to move on. I had to change onconologists and when I met the new man he asked me if everything was back to normal. I thought that was a really weird question. I told he that nothing will be the same. You view things differently and see life from a different perspective. Anyway, I had a lot of support from my family and my work but nobody going through what I was going through. I wondered if there was anyone about my stage of remission. I had a lump removed and nodes. I had 4 A/C and 4 Taxol and 31 radiation. All done by October 2000.
I would love to hear how someone else got through and what kinds of things are going on now.

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Hi Amy,

CONGRATS on your anniv.! I am 34 and just finished treatment so you're farther out than me but I'm here to answer any questions you have, compare RX, etc. I also had a lumpectomy, 4 A/C, 4 Taxol and 36 radiation treatments with a boost. Life definitely has changed for me too.

Let's keep in touch,

CK in LA

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Thanks. How far out are you? Has your hair started growing back yet? That is the slowest!! It started growning and then came out and started growing out again. What do you do? Are you in LA?

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Hi Amy, I'm 35 and also just finished with my treatments. I had no lump, was dx with extensive DCIS, had mastectomy, dx with Stage II breast cancer with Node involement. Did 4 A/C, 4 taxol and 28 Rads. Your right life will never be the same, thank god, because I think we are the lucky ones to be given this gift of looking at life as we live it each day. Well that's my opinion anyway, I don't allow any negative thoughts / feelings enter my head, I also don't allow any negative people effect how I feel, because if they want to waste time being negative that's there decision. Anyway, we are here to answer questions or just to chat when you want, take care.

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Hi Amy,

Congratulations ! I am happy for you ! I am a two-year cancer survivor. No, everything is not back to normal, everything is so much better than it used to be ! I enjoy life, I have fun, I realized I had good friends and a wonderful family. I stopped taking things for granted. I am changing my ways, also : less work, more time off, good moments with my daughter (8 year old) and my husband... I am lucky, and feel lucky ! Tara talked about a wake up call on another thread : that's it !

I am now 39, and feel younger in my head than I was "before". I am also overcoming mental blocks, such as "I can't cook", "I can't sew". I am doing it, and I am quite proud of it !

I would love to hear from you,
Take care,
Cathy (from Switzerland)

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I am a 35 year old survivor. Our situations sound very similiar, except that I had a mastectomy ( Dec. 1999 -tumor 6cm-1node positive). I even finished my treatment at the same time as you. I started tamox in Nov. and have just recently started to notice some side effects. I was feeling fine just until recently started to feel tired alot of the time which made no sense to me this far out of treatment. Went to the oncol. yesterday and he said that the my estrog. is going down because of the tamox , causing fatigue. Great.. I have prided myself on getting through this without much whining, but now I find myself whining more than when I was in chemo. Go figure. Would like to know if this has happened to you at all.

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