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what now?

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i have finished all my treatments. i am now on arimidex. what comes now? how will i find out if the cancer treatment works? what kind of tests can i expect and who does them? what treatments can i expect in the years to come? if anyone else is on arimidex, what side effects do you experience? one last question...will my periods return or am i in permanent menopause (i am 37). thanks for any answers. april

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Hi April, In my reference book, "Living Beyond Breast Cancer" it says that 50% of women younger than 35 years go into menopause, 80% from age 35 to 44 years and nearly 100% over 45years. This is on CMF. With Adriamycin the risk of permanent menopause is somewhat less for women under 40 but is similar to that of CMF for women over 40 years of age.
I get annual mammograms. I also go in for blood tests every 4 months along with an exam by by oncologist. I also see my surgeon every 4 months and he gives me a clinical exam as well. I also give myself monthly self exams. I had a lumpectomy and am now a 3 yr survivor. I am on Tamoxifen for a total of 5 yrs. Most cancer survivors aren't considered cured until they reach the 5 yr mark but even then there are incidences of cancer returning after those 5 years so we mustn't forget to do all the screening tests available to us.

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