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Happy Birthday, Tueffel!

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I figured while it is still the 19th here in America, it is your birthday in Germany - even if you are still abed. 

May you have a wonderful day, and I do so hope you get to do something fun. 


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Happy b day hope you have a great day 

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Wishing you a wonderful, happy year. 

i hope youare well and were not affected  by the disastrous flooding 


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Hope you have a wonderful day filled with joy. I always think of Truffles when I see your name lol.! Hope all is well in your part of the world.

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Canadian Sandy
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Happy Birthday! 

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A late happy birthday wish from New Hampshire!

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Thank you all for the birthday wishes :)

My best gift was that Papa had a good day after the TACE. The last one was a a struggle for him. But he was good on my birthday and my grandma visited. It is still small due to covid but after 6 months away I am just happy to be home.

We were not affected by the floods in Germany. It rains now but we dont have mountains or houses near rivers. If a river is too full due to water, then fields are covered with water. Still it was strange to see... But I am very grateful that so many in Germany showed solidarity, donated, helped etc. 

Thanks again


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