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Just noting the day

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I'm 13 years out from diagnosis today, a long fight and a longer journey that would have changed me, just by the passage of time. I bring it here, because I won't note it on FB. It's also Cindy's birthday. She would have been 59, but she lost her 6 1/2 year battle with a Glioma [brain tumor] 5 1/2 years back. The kids put birthday tributes to her on FaceBook, and I won't blur the day with my issues. I came here in 2013 to vent the pain, though I was diagnosed in 2007 and she in Dec. 2008. I thought I was just going to ''suck it up'', but she and I were dealing with recurrances about then [2013] and I would have busted if I couldn't find somewhere to vent my pain and fears. I'd read along since 07, just to learn and hear similar stories and how others were coping, and it turned out to be the perfect place to unload. I'm fine today, NED for 6 years, Sep 5th, if that helps those just starting this path. The particulars are still on my personal story. To the keepers of the board, and those who were here to put up with me, and share my angst, I'm forever grateful, 13 years on.......................................Dave

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We appreciate your presence.

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And I don't say that lightly.

Your survival has many facets, more than most of us, with the additional pain of losing your lovely wife.  

May we continue to see you here for another 13 and more. 


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Keep being NED!! My colonoscopy in 2011 was NED and I have been that way ever since.    Currently 88. and wondering how much time I have left.  

Really cannot wait 'til I get to heaven!!

Good luck to us all!!!

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Survivors like yourself give hope to those of us just starting the fight. Laughing

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Hi All.  I am one of those who come on the board every so often these days.  I was diagnosed in 2007, stage 3A, colon cancer.  Surgery, folfox, bombed out after 6 of 12 Scheduled rounds.  Terrible side effects - neuropathy, nausea, weight loss etc.  went on to do 25 days out of 28 days of radiation with5FU.   Again side effects.   However, I had a great oncologist at Mass General in  Ostend who listened to me.  I am here  13 years later to talk about it. It is so important that your treatment be tailored to your needs.  

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Thank you for sharing your story.  It helps when people of that length come on to the board to let us know that they are still posting.  Wishing you the best.


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It's wonderful that you are NED and continue to be a part of this board.  I'm sorry to hear of you and your wife's struggle at the same time with this horrible disease and the fact that she lost her battle.  Thank you for sharing your story and your continued contribution to this board.  It is truly an asset. 


Tom M.
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Thanks for you sharing your story of survival. Congratulations, You are a becon of hope for all to see. 

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Canadian Sandy
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Your story is very inspiring Dave. Thank you for giving us all so much hope.

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