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Looking for peace of mind

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 Hey everyone!

im here because I’m looking for peace of mind. At the end of March I discovered I had an enlarged lymph node right by my carotid artery. I initially didn’t think anything of it as I assumed maybe I had some sort of infection. But after it remained earged for a a few weeks I decided to get it checked out. The first doctor I went to said yes it’s enlarged but that it’s likely a result of an infection. she told me to give it a month and if it didn’t go down to return. It didn’t go down so I went to a different doctor. She agreed it was enlarged but said it’s probably nothing, and if it didn’t go down to let her know. I gave it a month and Hah What do you know, it didn’t go down. She ordered a ct scan which showed I had a 2cm enlarged node right behind the carotid artery. I was referred to an ent who gave me 15 days worth of antibiotics. It didn’t go down so he had me return a month later to see a doctor who specializes in head and neck cancers. He felt it, gave me the choice of having a needle biopsy or returning in three months for a check up. I opted for the three month check up because he didn’t seem worried. Now I’m starting to think I should’ve opted for the biopsy for a few reasons. For one thing, between my first and second ent appointments (1 month apart) I went from 135 pounds to 129 pounds. That might mean nothing other than maybe I was more active in between those two points, I’m not sure. Additionally, my lymph node on the other side has started to become  slightly enlarged. I’ve also found a small grape size lump in my right armpit that was not there a month ago. What’re your thoughts? Even if I feel.... out of my mind... is it worth going back a bit early or should I trust the doctors gut and give it until November?? 


Thank you for your advice.


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Hi Anne,


Here is what happened to me. I had what the doctors thought was an upper respiratory infection in my right lung. They treated it with antibiotics and told me that was all I needed. A few weeks later it didn't go away and I returned to the doctor again. I also dropped like 6 pounds in that time span which was very unusual. The doctor gave me more antibiotics and we once again waited to see if that would take care of it. It wasn't until we did a chest x-ray and ct scan that I was told I had lung cancer. I had given up at that point and wasn't going to do biopsy until my wife urged me to go through with it. Thank god I did because it was Lymphoma and not lung cancer.  Lymphoma can be very hard to detect at times and the only way to know is through a biopsy. If I was you it certainly wouldn't hurt to do the biopsy to make sure it isn't Lymphoma. This is only my opinion and maybe others can weigh in on it.



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Grateful Mary
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Just to be safe and be able to sleep at night, have the biopsy. It may be nothing, but at least you will know. You have already done some wait and see time.

Keep us posted



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to an oncologist. Don't waste time with these docs who spend their entire careers writing prescriptions for antibiotics. Avoid them. They are a serious threat to your health and safety. See a cancer specialist.

Max Former Hodg...
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I agree with Shady:  Do not let ENTs 'antibiotic you to death.'   

There is a convention within oncology that says persistent nodes over a certain size should be investigated as if malignant, until proven otherwise.  I do not recall the exact size, but I would be surprised if it is larger than 2 CM, which is significant.  

Size never 'proves' malignancy, but is a relevant and important factor among others.  Also, have the node excised if possible, since aspirational biopsies for Lymphoma often have limited accuracy.


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Thank you everyone. I really appreciate your input. Much needed perspective.

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I had a lump on my groin and my GP checked it out in January of 2010 and said it was probably a benign cyst and if it was still there in May when I got my yearly physical we would do an Ultra sound. Come May it was still there, so we did the Ultra sound and then found I had 6 more lumps throughout my groin on both sides that were too small to feel. GP sent me for a biopsie of the largest lump(surgically removed and sent to pathology) and it came back as Follicular NHL. We then did a CTscan with contrast and it showed I had lumps not only in my groin, but also in my stomach and neck. That's when I got my final diagnosis of Follicular NHL-grade2-typeA-stage3 because it was in 3 area's of my body. I was A symptomatic because I did not have weight loss, or night sweats. Biopsies tell everything so if i was you I'd be getting the biopsie. Peace of mind is everything and then working out a plan for treatment. Best wishes...Sue 

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Hi Rag,


Any update with your condition? I got a FNA done October 29, 2020. It came back as "Highly Suspicious for Hodgkins Lymphoma" & the CD15, CD30, PAX 5 & MUM1 came back positive.

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No updates, other than having an appointment on the 20th of November. They do want to do an FNP come that time. I wish you luck, and hope things turn out okay for you.

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Thank you Rag! Did you mean FNA? If so, just to prepare you, they numb it with lidocaine, needle hurts a little & it burns. Then you don't feel anything, just a little pressure when they actually do it. Afterwards, it was hard to do anything for 3 days. I was so sore. Couldn't sleep flat, head had to be on angle cuz it was hard to get up. Good Luck!

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Ah! Yes I did 😅 thank you for the heads up! That’s the least intimidating preparation I could’ve gotten. Better than google. 

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