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Eight months after colon resection...

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Hi - I'm new here. I was diagnosed with stage III colorectal cancer last July, had a colon resection in early August (6 inches of colon removed, no bag) and finished oral chemo at the beginning of February (and oxaliplatin infusions three months before that). My oncologist says that the xeloda side effects should be nearly done by now but I'm still finding that my digestive system is a total, unpredictable mess. I've gone from being a foodie to eating as timidlly and blandly as possible- no spice, no fried, no raw veggies, no gluten for the past several months, although my doc has just advised I try it again. I'm so tired of white rice and chicken I could scream. Wondering if anyone has been here and can advise on how long this will last? Or will the rest of my life involve 15+ sprints to the bathroom every day? Help!

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Did your colon went bad after surgery or chemo? 

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It takes some time to readjust.  For me, two year later, life is more or less back to normal.  I do not eat as much as I used to, or as heartily as I used to, but it beats being dead.  You might want to visit with a gasteroentrologist to see if you picked up anything in the surgery or recovery that might have affected your system.  Otherwise, perhaps time will help.

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My chemo started not too long after the surgery so I think it's sort of been bad throughout. It's gotten somewhat better since I've learned how to effectively use Lomotil around meals, but it's still very hard to know when something will affect me, even when I stick to eating foods that seem to be "safe." The surgeon's office used the term "the new normal" quite a bit but surely it's got to get better/more normal than this? I just got a colonoscopy that found everything to be OK, at any rate. I just keep asking doctors and they keep basically shrugging.

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I discovered my cancer and had surgery in the same dates of you, SaraPA

I also had some issues and my doctor said I have LARS and it might take up to 2 years to adjust conpletely, but most people gets better around 11 months from surgery....

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Thank you for mentioning LARS, which seems to match all of my symptoms. You'd think my oncologist or gastroenterologist might have made me aware that this condition exists - especially since I keep asking if there's any reason my symptoms are persisting- but like a lot of things on this journey, I've only discovered them through other patients sharing their experience. Much appreciated!!

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Unfortunately for me 15 sprints to the bathroom is not uncommon, but I'm not able to eat rice as it binds me up so bad that it has the constipation effect on me for days therefore leaving me doubling in pain from not being able to go.  Try to go on a normal diet for a while and see what happens.  Hope that you can find a diet that works for you.


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GI Revive is a supplement that helps restore the intestinal mucosa.  I tried it well after chemo, and it helped me.  He recommended 1 tsp of the powder a day (or 7 capsules, if you buy it that way) for a month.  The powder does not dissolve in water - needs to be sprinkled over applesauce or something. He also had me on probiotics to help restore the flora. I personally preferred the pills.  (You can get it on Amazon)

I was resected in 3 places back in 2007 (and one more place this year) and I eat normally with no problems and have done so since I took this (after chemo).  Anything is worth a try.

I hope this helps. 


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Has anyone been cured of stage IV colon cancer 

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Greetings....I'm an old poster here....But sometimes come on to see if anyone I used to know still logs on...


I am in my tenth year remission from colon, liver, and lung cancer.....YES TENTH YEAR!!!  Three operations, 31 chemos, and 28 radiations

I know I'm  not the norm......l. just want to say that it is possible..... Don't quit.....I don't know how I ever truly made it.....A combination of things.....the surgerys, the treatments.....family and friend support......even the oncologists are baffled....So don't  quit whom ever reads this.....I know it's not easy for you.....Any of you....I wish you strength and comfort.....


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Ten years is a HUGE milestone and worty of celebration. 

I am sure all of the things you list, helped you get where you are. I am a huge supporter of positivity and love from self and those around you. I believe it can take us a long way. 

May we see you back to celebrate again. 

Kim & Ron are regulars that you may remember.  PhillieG visits quite often. Others, like yourself pop in and out to give support and it is so appreciated. 



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Canadian Sandy
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Thank you for the encouragement. Congrats on the Ned!

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I desperey looking for a doctor or facility who can put me in remission, so I can get off ****** chemo. No one in the cards.

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I completely missed this thread. Thank you Friendinpenn for the hopeful news! And for SaraPA, I have a bag and have had two surgeries and have areas where scarring has made my parts narrow and I get partial blockages quite easily. So I'm not quite where you are but I do know what it's like to restrict my foods. For me, basically anything that dosn't digest well can cause a problem. So not nuts, no fruits or veggies with skins such as grapes, corn, things like that. No celery due to the strings. I eat oranges and grapefruits but I have to cut them in half and eat the pulp out, the membranes between the sections will clog me. My surgeon said the things he sees most people have trouble with are orange sections and canned mushrooms because people tend to swallow the pieces whole.

I have figured out how to eat things like salads and cooked spinach. I have to chew carefully and make sure I also eat something else that will push things along. No raw carrots for me but I can eat apples if I remove the skin. I eat canned peaches and pears and Mandarine orange sections because they seem to be soft enough not to cause a problem. And if I do eat salad there can't be things like chunks of peppers, or anything solid like that. Onions are a no unless I cut them very small and cook them well. So when I make a soup or somethingl like that I chop them tiny and sautee them before putting them in whatever I'm making.

It's difficult and I'd kill for some corn on the cob just once but it is what it is and I've pretty much learned how to live with it. I hope you're able to figure out some things that you can eat that will make you happy.  


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