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Hi, old friends!

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Joined: Jun 2013

i just read iof Fox’s passing. Those of you who recognize my name have been here a while. Those that are new(er) to the site, will not recognize my name at all, not know my story. My apologies for not being the solid support like Iceman has been for such a long time. 

I do want to simply share my progress. I am an BMS 1106 ( I think that is it) phase I trial patient from 2013. We all know it as Opdivo, or Nivolumab now. I started taking it in combination with sutent in February 2013.

i still cintinue on infusions every 3 weeks of Opdivo. I still take 37.5 mg if Sutent, 4 weeks in, two weeks off. Most importantly, I have not seen any evidence of cancer in my quarterly scans since August 26, 2014.

I Have Been in treatment over 6 years and well over 4 years cancer free.

Believe in yourselves, believe in your treatments!


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Hello Darron,

I'm one of those who knows you and your story, and I'm thrilled to read your good news! So happy to hear positive stories from fighters like you! 

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Thank you for Posting Darrin. Your story is encouraging for many like me who don't know you.

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For someone who is relatively new to all this and a lurker, it helps to hear success stories from those who have lived with this for many years. Thank you for sharing! 

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When I was first diagnosed back in August 2016 I spent days reading through the posts on this site.  I read your posts many times and I'm familiar with your journey.  It's always good to see you and hear how things are going.  I'm happy to hear your good news that the meds continue to be effective for you.  

Thanks for checking in!


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Good to hear from you and with such good news!

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I remember you too, and I am very happy that your treatments have been successful.  This Board could use good news like yours.  Thank you for sharing.

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Thanks to early trial participants like you, I was able to reap the benefits of NIvo (Opdivo) through a later Phase III trial (Checkmate 214).  I did that for 3 years and we decided no more was needed.  Full story on my profile page.

Wonderful  to hear you are still NED after so long.

Thanks again and best wishes, Fred 

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Joined: Jun 2013

I read your profile. I am envious that you have stopped taking Nivo. The Nivo doesn’t bother me, but the Sutent still makes for some nagging side effects. I am still terrified that if I stop taking the combo, Ill see a progression. It is a risk I still don’t want to take. Part of the fear is from the fact that I am not sure I can get a Nivo Sutent combo off the trial. Insurance could always say they are not paying for both Drugs. 

Glad to see good results!

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Welcome Home, Darron~

Hope you know it is good to hear from folks from time to time. 

It is wonderful that you stopped by!

Glad your treatment has been working for you. You seem to have

a great attitude~keep on keeping on

Healing hugs, Jan


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Thanks for sharing your update. It's rather encouraging to see that there is hope for long-term management of this beast. 

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Keep going 

beautiful smile


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I remember you too. Great news on your current status. Keep it up!

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This is inspiring Darron and as I am having some major anxiety heading into my first series of scan post surgery a story like this gives me incredible hope! Thank you for sharing and wishing you a continued cancer free future!

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I joined several years after you. I'm thankful to hear your good testimony. Hope you have NED for a long time to come.

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