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Recurrent spot/ulcer in back of throat

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Hi everyone, I’ve just joined the site today and am desperate for an answer!!

I had Hodgkin’s lymphoma back in 2009 - diagnosed late January 2009 and 6 months of chemotherapy on what I believe was the ABVD regime. This was followed up by radiotherapy for roughly 6-8 weeks. Following my treatment I was fortunate enough only really to have one side effect (apart from the usual nasty ones of chemotherapy and radiotherapy on the neck area) and that was Raynauds disease (which was never properly diagnosed but I definitely had it in my hands and feet).


So fast forward to summer 2016 and I started to get what felt like a small ulcer in the left side of my throat. About a month after this started I went to the Dr and was rather unhelpfully told that because I didn’t have one that day (they come and go within about a day at a time) there was nothing he could do. He tried to get me to take a photograph of said spot/ulcer and you can imagine how that went. 


I was put off by that trip to the Dr and whenever I have had my problem no appointments are available so it’s really just been bad luck. Last year wasn’t so bad but recently the spot/ulcer has definitely become more frequent and is very annoying and sometimes painful. Hot or spicy food sets it off the most, as well as being run down but a lot of the time it is just random. From internet scouting I have noticed that ulcers seem to be concurrent with radiotherapy treatment, but this started happening seven whole years later! It’s just the same spot on the left side of my throat that gets irritated. 


Apologies for the lengthy post, just wanted to try to explain as fully as I could! Has anyone on here ever had this/got any advice? I’m a 26yo female from Scotland in the UK. Thanks in advance!! 

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Are you sure this recurrent condition is not on your tonsils? Doesn’t sound like any cancer I have heard of. Silver compounds painted onto the tonsils can sometimes heal that up quickly. Then there is always tonsilectomy. Good luck! Thats gotta be frustrating.

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Thank you for your reply ShadyGuy. It does seem to be on the back wall of my throat,  but it could well be. Hard to tell ‘cause it’s all the way back there! Think a return trip to the Dr is needed in any event, perhaps a different one this time! All the best x

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