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Squamous Cell Carcinoma

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I am a 71 year old female who had a skin tag for 2-3 years and finally had it removed a week ago.  Pathology report came back and stated findings were SCC, my DR. was shocked by this as was I.  The margins were good, it was superficially invasive and it was decided I should go back in to have the roots cauterized.

Now I cannot get an appointment to go back in for a month as my DR. will be out of the office, so my questions is this,  once they removed the skin tag are the roots still living?  I have considered a Deermatologist even though my Dr. did not think it necessary but I have other growths that should be checked and I have read that SCC often comes back. I hate when I  hear "I think you can wait a month", or I don't think you need a Dermatologist.  My father had colon cancer and they told him they "thought" they had it all and he  passed away from it.  Anyway any advice or comments would be appreciated.



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Hi Kerry

I am 60 yr old female. My SCC CIS I think... stage 1 or stage o biopsy came back Friday.  I had small red patch on my butt, they removed the entire lesion to send to lab As well, they want me back at end of month.  I freaked out and wanted to come back tomorrow before I leave for holiday.  They want to “ scrape and burn any roots as well”. I was driving them crazy with coming in sooner, but they convinced me the lesion is OFF and any remaining “area” really isnt going anywhere in 2 weeks.  It actually did make sense when I thought about it.

I would like to get the word out, that SCC comes in ALL shapes, sizes and colors!  Often does not look like pictures on google... I had mine for about 6 months or so, caught very early.  If anything looks “different “ and most important doesn’t go away, go to see your Dermo.


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I was diagnosed with an scc in situ on left cheek under eye.  Has anyone had it spread to nodes from this location?  ive had bcc mohs and frozen.  this one has me a little nervous.

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I was diagnosed with SCC yesterday by dermatology PA in FL. I am currently back home in Fenton MI, and seeking a board certified dermatology plastic surgeon that does MOHS procedure. Any feedback on this type of treatment, or recommendation of a surgeon/facility?

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Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is the second most common form of skin cancer. SCC is a fairly slow-growing skin cancer. Unlike other types of skin cancer, it can spread to the tissues, bones, and nearby lymph nodes, where it may become hard to treat. When caught early, it’s easy to treat.

If your dermatologist finds a spot on your skin that could be any type of skin cancer, your dermatologist will first numb the area and then remove all of it. This can be done during an office visit and is called a skin biopsy. This is a simple procedure, which a dermatologist can quickly, safely, and easily perform.

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I'm a 59 yrs., old disabled male US Army veteran. All the yrs., in service I was the driver of an 8" Self-Propel Howitzer. Due to the constant sun light unpprocted exposure I constantly developed irritatoon, itching & reddish on my face. 

After I serve my time in the US Army out of couriousity & concern due to the fact I had a dry pimple constantly on my left side nasal slope. Had it Dx by a  dermolalogist, upon performing a biosy I was Dx with Squamuous Cell Carcinoma (Left Nasal Slope).

The Doctor ref., me to another doctor who performed MOH surgery on my left side of my nose. 

This doctor told me he had removed all the cancerous tissues.

A few yrs., afterwards I commenced experiencing difficulties breathing through my left nose nasal passage.

I was evaluated by a nose ... specialist and he referred me to a plastic surgeon who reconstructed my nose. Many yrs., have gone & I have other health issues. I can't complain.

I consider myself blessed, today & now I'm alive, have a wonderful family, friends, HealthCare providers and a personal faith on a Higher Power of my understanding ... that is by my side 24/7.

The 'Serenity Prayer' is daily constantly in my mine.

Since age 33 I been "Dr. Bob & Bill W." friend & since than I have blessed fellowship meetings with their friends & mine.

For many yrs., I have substituted ... with the 'Serenity Prayer', fellowship meetings & a nice delicious hot cup of black café "sin azucar".

"One Day At A Time / 24 hrs., Segments / Baby steps / Easy Does It ... 

My most sincere wishes to you & yours --> "un bonito y seguro dia a usted"

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