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Scan Results

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Just finished up at the Drs for my scan results. Uncle NED stopped by for a visit. I am so blessed and very thankful!!!! I was surprised when the Dr said he would see me in a year. I thought I would go in another 6 months then if all clear go yearly. GFR was 100 and creatinine was .9. The Dr mentioned losing 20 more lbs, so more healthy eating. The results only mentioned 1 benign cyst. Last scan 6 months ago there were 2. I’ll take it. I’m still going to Siteman to get a second opinion as I want to make sure nothing is overlooked. I know I don’t post much, but I do read all that I can. This group has helped me so much from day one and I thank you all!! Prayers and good vibes to all warriors!!!


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Gtngbtr58 @aol.com
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CContinued good health-June

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Bay Area Guy
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Sounds like a great report.  Love the creatinine level.

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Wow!! What awesome news for you, and it is encouraging for the rest of us still fighting. Congrats and that is just so fantastic!! SO happy for you. I do envy that creatinine level!!

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Excellent news. Best thing I’ve read all day. Congrats to you!!


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Canadian Sandy
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Congrats on the Ned status!

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Congrats on the visit from Uncle Ned! Woot, woot, woot!

Which reminds me, I've got to go grocery shopping. There's a rumor our uncle might be coming to visit me this week and I'd better have something to fix him for supper...

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...may we all get such good check ups!  Congrats!



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Thanks for sharing the good news!

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Wonderful news! So happy for you.

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GFR 100, impressive report card you got there! Congrats!

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 Congrats!!! But do not overfeed Uncle Ned, since he needs to visit JerzyGrrl as well :-)

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This is great news to read on a Tuesday afternoon!  Don't stray too far away--we need your input and encouragement on here.  For now--enjoy the day!


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Exactly. I have heard enough of the word cancer in the past week. I know 4 people who have been diagnosed with cancer. I have been helping them through the process as it is still fresh in my mind. Having cancer sucked, but being able to help someone else out in the process and give them information that will help them eases the sting of being diagnosed.

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Wow!!! Wonderful news! Congratulations

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