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Has anyone had problmes with mosquitoes after chemo?

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I'm about to undergo my 4th round of Rituxan and Bendamustine.  This summer I have become extremely sensitive to mosquito bites.  Could this be relatted to the lymphoma or my treatment?


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Hi Jpsterling,

I NEVER had issues with mosquitoes my entire life. I had bendamustine/rituxen/nulasta cocktail Sept-March 2014/15. Summer of 2015 I was covered with mosquito bites and an absolute mess. Idk if the chemo meds made me more tasty to the little buzzards but that was very odd to see this post and remember what happened.


i ended up using an essential oil cocktail to keep them away.


hope that helps :)


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My husband had Benda/rit in '11 and since has not had any problems with mosquitos.  In fact before chemo he was extra sensitive to them getting giant welts 1/2-3/4" in diameter, now they hardley bother him.....go figure.


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