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Sometimes you have a really good day

NoTimeForCancer's picture
Posts: 2700
Joined: Mar 2013

Warriors have all kinds of days and experience all kinds of emotions.  We have met through the speeding electrons flying through space in this marvelous thing called the world wide web.  We make our way through this cancer journey because of eachother and we all are so grateful to know we are not alone.  

I had the a happy day because I got to meet a fellow warrior today and wanted to celebrate.  I wish I could meet each of you, and maybe we will someday, but Abbycat2 and I had lunch.  

God bless the warriors.


CheeseQueen57's picture
Posts: 890
Joined: Feb 2016

Always nice to meet in person. Great pic!  

survivingsu's picture
Posts: 134
Joined: Apr 2013

That makes me feel warm, knowing how connected we all are.  Thanks for sharing your special day.




Jairoldi's picture
Posts: 221
Joined: May 2017

Thanks for sharing. What a nice picture.

EZLiving66's picture
Posts: 1396
Joined: Oct 2015

Great picture of two beautiful ladies!  I'm so glad you were able to meet.



Posts: 257
Joined: Aug 2016

Beautiful! It sounds lovely meeting each other in person if we can help it. :)

Posts: 279
Joined: Oct 2017

Thanks for sharing. It would be great to meet you lovely ladies in real life. 

derMaus's picture
Posts: 561
Joined: Nov 2016

It's so wonderful to see a picture of my friends, especially those to whom I feel such a strong personal connection. Thank you for making my day!!!

Abbycat2's picture
Posts: 644
Joined: Feb 2014

I wish that I could meet all the members of this Board in person. We are each sharing the same road lane, often traveling through similar experiences. To meet NoTime has made my Indiana road trip that much more memorable and special. She has been a valuable member of this Board, providing much needed support and information.

Thank you all for your kind words above.

CheeseQueen57's picture
Posts: 890
Joined: Feb 2016

Perhaps we could organize a meet up by state?

Posts: 42
Joined: Nov 2017

What a GREAT idea! Anybody from the milwaukee WI area?

Posts: 251
Joined: Oct 2017

That is wonderful. A meet up would be fun. 

Soup52's picture
Posts: 903
Joined: Jan 2016

Fantastic and you both look great!

Posts: 570
Joined: Oct 2009

Oh how wonderful for you both!!  You are truly blessed to be able to meet each other. I can see the positive energy in both of your eyes. Your photo emits grace, peace and happiness-I can just tell you are special women enjoying life. Thanks for sharing your beautiful picture. So glad you were able to connect in person!


derMaus's picture
Posts: 561
Joined: Nov 2016

I'd LOVE a meet up! I'm in So Cal but would willingly travel !

Posts: 2
Joined: Jun 2018

I've just joined this board looking for light & inspiration and just generally some good vibes and your photo and the lovely messages have sure provided this. High five to all the awesome warrior women!

Posts: 111
Joined: Jan 2018

This is awesome!!!  I am so glad you were able to meet up!  You 2 are bright lights and so much help on this journey!

Ardnasnit's picture
Posts: 30
Joined: Jul 2014

I am so glad you two got to meet. It is always a special day when you get to meet a fellow warrior. 

NoTimeForCancer's picture
Posts: 2700
Joined: Mar 2013

I have also had the immense pleasure to meet Ardnasnit several times at the Race to End Women's Cancer in D.C.  It brings a smile to my face remembering it.  I got to celebrate her hair growing back!  It IS always great to meet you ladies.  

hopeful56's picture
Posts: 73
Joined: Jul 2017

Thank you for sharing.  What a wonderful post and great picture.


Armywife's picture
Posts: 362
Joined: Feb 2018

Love, love, love this!  I'm continually blessed by all of you.  

When I was at MD Anderson in the spring, I actually recognized Linmk by her cute round eyeglasses - she was sitting on a bench outside and I went over and said hello. What are the odds that we'd have an appointment the same day at the same time?   It is really nice to make real-life connections. Maybe we should seriously plan an annual get-together.  I'd love to volunteer San Antonio - it's easy to get around, lots to do and always good weather (although it's hotter than the surface of the sun in the summer.) 

Soup52's picture
Posts: 903
Joined: Jan 2016

An annual get together would be great. My very close friend lives inSan Antonio:)

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