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Missing CSN Emails

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Joined: Oct 2011

Most of my valued friends and saved messages are missing from my csn email. It saddens me.Particularly lost messages from those that have passed. Anyone else having this issue?  Treasured  correspondence is just  gone. Some going back many years.

Perhaps a moderator can be of some assistance.

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Posts: 3183
Joined: Oct 2011

Maybe it's just me. But my inbox only goes back to 9/2016. Things like sent box go back to 2012. Weird.

Computer dummie at work. Protect yourself at all  times.

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---goes back to January 2013.




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Cant help but it’s jolly good to hear from you

 Being missing our Foxy love round here



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I checked mine, it's OK

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Get in touch with the administrators. Your emails will be on a backup somewhere and must be recoverable. That might be a major pain for someone, but tell them how important it is to you.


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One of my first was to you and I still have it.  Hope you get this resolved.  Take care!


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Sorry you're having problems.  I went to my box and it only went back the last 6 mo. or so....but at the bottom of the page there was a series of boxed numbers with an arrow.  Clicking on the arrow or a higher number gave me some of my private conversations with yours truly.  Fun to reread, so I feel your distress if they are totally gone.  I'd sent you a Harley Tee and you replied with a box with your wife's name on the return labe.  It had meats and cheeses instead of the cookies you'd ordered.



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