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Coffee the Good Guy or the Bad Guy!

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Mighty Frog
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Just readed the news on California imposed "Cancer warning on Starbuck coffee, caused me to check on the coffee and kidney cancer risk. 

Gosh! And i found this study https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28647866

This study conclusions: Consumption of caffeinated coffee is associated with reduced risk of RCC, while decaffeinated coffee consumption is associated with an increase in risk of aggressive ccRCC. Further inquiry is warranted in large prospective studies and should include assessment of dose-response associations.

I did research before on drinking coffee, many studies found coffee have the anti oxidant to prevent certain cancer but not on kidney cancer. Till this study show up.  

I had been drink 1-3 cups of black coffee a day since i started my fasting regime. 





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Bay Area Guy
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Many years ago, George Carlin (a comic genius in my humble opinion) had a bit where he pretended to be reading the news of the day.  The news item that has always stuck in my head was:

The Surgeon General reports that saliva, taken in small amounts over an extended period of time, causes cancer.

i know it doesn’t specifically address your question, but California (my home state) seems to have jumped the shark with this one.  The number of products Prop 65 (the enabling ballot measure) required to have a warning label is staggering and it results in people simply treating the label as white noise.  And that hurts more than helps as truly dangerous substances that should be avoided are treated in the same fashion as, now, coffee.

LOL.  And, no, I don’t work for any company having anything to do with the coffee business and don’t even drink the stuff because I have an allergy to caffeine.

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Hi Froggy,

Table 1 is interesting. 'History of hypertension' looks like an important factor. More so than coffee. 

BMI is interesting too since only BMI > 30 is associated with higher RCC rates.

Alcohol consumption looks (very slightly) protective, so maybe the Pizza & Beer crew are on to something.

I've been reading and watching video presentations about (mostly criticisms) of various nutrition studies. My impression is that associational studies like this one are suggestive but usually don't really tell us much.

But... I will keep watching my blood pressure and avoiding decaff.


Mighty Frog's picture
Mighty Frog
Posts: 152
Joined: Jul 2017

Well, to be on the safe side will have my last Long Black coffee 2day..... Yell


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It's late here and I have had a tiring day but I must admit I am confused.

In the opening post you state that a study says: "Consumption of caffeinated coffee is associated with reduced risk of RCC".

This means if you drink caffeinated coffee you are less likely to get RCC.

Why does this study make you want to stop drinking coffee?


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Posts: 109
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So an LA judge can decide what causes cancer? Given this logic can an LA judge also decide what doesn't cause cancer?


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Mighty Frog
Posts: 152
Joined: Jul 2017

Yes! i agreed with you Supersum... it is very confusing. After going through, it is very hard to tell whether the coffee we are drinking is regular coffee bean or decaf coffee bean. Decaf coffee bean are proceed whereby 97%- 98% or 100% in somecases the caffeine are removed thought roasting either by water or chemical . Only an expert can tell. 

I think the issue here is how the decaf coffee bean was proceed which involve the using of chemical. As usual the more processing and chemical use will hazard to our health.  

(Avoid at all cost "instant coffee") 

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Seems to me they're just looking for a class action law suit but I could be wrong. I'm not convinced scientifically. I only drink one small cup in the morning and am not about to give it up.

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I agree ,I drink about 2 cups a day and not giving it up either. byw I had my 4 year check up and Dr says no NED. YEAH for me . NEXT year just chest xray, than every 2 yres an MRI and so fourth . 

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With you APny, I drink 2 cups a day and not giving it up either! 

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Or at least that's what they try to make us think.  I LOVE Bay Area Guy's remarks.  And like APny, I'm not giving up my java.  Life is too short to deny myself the things that I enjoy, but I think the key is moderation.


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