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Good News!

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I just had a partial neph last Thursday, 3/22/18, for a 3.2 x 2.8 tumor, and it has been a rough week at times. The surgeon was confident he got it all, and said there were clear margins. I have been anxiously awaiting the pathology report. Well, he just called, and it is BENIGN! I can hardly believe it! I truly appreciate all the support and advice I have received from the good people on this board. I feel like I’ve just won the lottery! I still have a long way to go in my recovery, and I will probably need stents in my kidneys to help manage my bp, but for now...AHHH! It has been the most difficult 3 weeks (from diagnosis to surgery to today) of my life. God’s blessings to all of you!

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---this proves that there are 10% who turn out benign even after being nephed. You are allowed to keep the membership beanie anyway. You did the right thing given the odds.







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Wow, the best news ever! You must be so relieved. Very happy for you :)

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Bay Area Guy
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Great news Arknut!  Very, VERY happy for you.

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You are the second or third person that has reported a benign tumor since I've been on the board.  Countless others haven't been as fortunate.  This is celebration time for you Arknut.  Congratulations!


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Congrats on the good news. Very happy you don't have to deal with all the "fun" stuff. 

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Good for you, that's best news ever

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Here's to amazingly great news!  Cheers!



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That's awesome!

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