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Kidney cancer with metastasis to the lung and pelvic bone

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My partner was diagnosed with kidney cancer with metastasis to the lung and pelvic bone. We have not yet been consulted with the oncologist so we do not have the stage of the disease as well as the treatments. I would like to know what we should expect and what are your recommendations? Thank you.

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Hi there. Sorry to hear about this! I hope appointments move along quickly for you and that you get all of the answers and treatment you need. I am sure you will get help here on this board. Take care!

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Sorry to have you join our illustrious group.  

I believe that you will learn that your partner has advanced kidney cancer.  Any met to a distant location (any site away from the kidney) will get you that sort of staging.  I'm stage 4 myself, so I can say that because of direct experience.  My cancer was discovered almost 5 years ago; that should tell you that your partner's serious situation has potential for effective treatment.  Right now, my oncologist says that I am "in remission, but not cured".

In my opinion, the oncologist needs to match you guys up with the best surical team in your area.  You need a good surgeon right now.  After the surgery, you need the ace oncologist.  Maybe this doctor is local, maybe not.  By the grace of God, I found a great oncologist locally.  My surgeon was a "doom and gloom" guy.  That is not uncommon for surgeons.  Fortunately, my oncologist is a "glass is half full" guy.  You don't need the surgeon beyond the actual surgery, so take his negative prognosis with a grain of salt.  (My surgeon said I'd likely be dead two years ago.)  Your relationship with the oncologist will be a lasting one.  That's when the meshing of personalities is important and when you need a good cheerleader.

My experience was that all of my cancer was cleaned out via surgery.  After surgery, I was not on any drugs and didn't have any radiation.  That all came later, when the cancer returned in my chest.  For your partner, if the cancer can't be totally removed via surgery, chemo and radiation will likely be in order shortly after recovery from the surgery.

Talk to your oncologist about what to expect from the surgery (you'll have an appointment with your surgeon -- ask him the same question) and what sort of on-going treatment will be involved.  Your partner should expect to have close follow up.  Perhaps regular bloodwork (maybe twice a month or maybe more often) and regular scans (quarterly?) will be in store for him once he's recovered.  It is possible that additional scans may be ordered before surgery so that the surgeon is satisfied that the possibility for surprises during surgery is very low.

Support of family and friends will be important to you and your partner.  Don't be surprised if some folks that you thought would step up don't.  And don't be surprised if support comes from people who you didn't expect to be there for you.

Praying for you and your partner ...........




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who is your oncologist?

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Cquintin, sorry for this news. BUT glad you found us. May I also recommend SmartPatients.com forum as well.

From the little I know, it is already stage IV if cancer has spread from its primary source. And yes, there IS treatment for both the areas where your parnter's cancer has metastsized. Many have survived longer than original prognosis. Keep that in mind.

Hopefully others here who are stage IV will come along and let you know what treatments they have used. Also do a search and you'll find them too. 

Let us know how you and your partner are doing. I am sending you HOPE, HEALING and CARE from me to you!

Hugs, Jan

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