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I have been on this forum for a short time (6 months), but I have been on another, similar forum (chronic, spinal pain) for several years.  My time on such forums has been absolutely beneficial and I thank those who make this possible.  But what I really want to do is share an observation I have experienced on this forum.

Because these electonic forums limit our full range of communication and subsequently preclude some aspects of communication (voice, body language and even vision for example), it is necessary for us to write and read with greater regard.  Consequently, I typically write, read, rewrite, reread, rewrite and reread my comments prior to submission.  I want to communicate my message, with feelings, but I also do not want to offend someone through misunderstanding.  The printed word can be very confining.

OK, enough philosophizing.  This is what I want to say.  It is my observation that one particular participant on this forum demonstrates unparalleled compassion, insight, encouragement, and humor to those of us in need.  Her responses are timely and to the point.  I would guess that she doesn't even know that she is helping so many others.

Without causing any embarassment, as that is not my intent, I want to publically thank her for all of her input to this forum.  Her comments have helped me, and I am sure many others as well, in several ways.  It is her stedfast, stare adversity in the face and never backdown, realistic yet optimistic approach to cancer that is so impressive to me.

Thank you TruBrit.  I value your comments and I appreciate that you devote so much time helping the rest of us on this forum. 





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Joan M
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Thanks to all who post and share it has helped me immensely! 

Special thanks to TruBrit for all your help and support!


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I too am thankful to TruBrit    Such wisdom and compassion wrapped with a lovely sense of humor.   I often wish there was a like

button that I could push next to her posts  

there are so so many wonderful people here and I am thankful for each and every commenter  

Peace and love,



Posts: 86
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I agree 100%.  She is very helpful, kind, compassionate and truthful.  Thank you TruBrit.

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Even though I'm basically a lurker... (don't comment, just read), I appreciate TruBrit as well. Always encouraging, always helpful. Thanks!

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Trubrit is a treasure and  we are very fortunate to have her here.

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Joined: Apr 2012

I applaud and echo your comments! And the sentiment you convey.

Well said!

She is most deserving of this recognition and appreciation!


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Lily Flower
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Joined: Jul 2017

Well said Jim. She's someone that will laugh with you, cry with you and be there for you. A wonderful person! Love her little dancing man too  Lol!

we love you Tru  You are a gem. And you know how much I adore your accent. :)

Posts: 281
Joined: Aug 2016

I agree.  Thank you so much Tru.  You have been such a support for so many.  Those of us who are actively having treatment, experiencing all the side effects of chemo, going through surgeries, completed treatment, and/or newly diagnosed so appreciate the input and caring of members who, like Tru, continue to post and support us.  

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She is kind, caring, and the most positive person. I am very grateful to get know her. I am especially happy to get to know her a bit on Facebook as well. Thank you Sue for everything you do. Your suppport is so appreciated. 

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Joined: Jun 2017

I agree, Trubrit is a genuine inspiration and ally.

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Joined: Jul 2017

I knew who you were referring to before you revealed.  I love Tru's honesty.  Her path hasn't been easy, but her attitude is always positive.  She inspires me over & over.

Well said, Jim!  And thanks Tru!!!!

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Much appreciated in all responses.  She is a great responder on this board.


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Canadian Sandy
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Joined: Jul 2016

I agree. Sue is always there with a quick response and very compassionate. Thanks Sue.

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Joined: Jan 2013

i'm blushing emoticon  I don't know what to say (well, that makes a change, eh)

Thank you so very much for your kind words Jim, and for everyone's reply.  I am moved beyond words. 

OK, time for a group hug group hugging emoticon.

And one more expression I can't put into words 

blowing kiss thank you smiley   Tru

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Canadian Sandy
Posts: 680
Joined: Jul 2016

Like button.


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Yay Tru!! Smile

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