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stage 4 stomach cancer with mets to ovaries

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In April of 2009 my OBGYN found a mass on my on my right ovary. He performed a CA125 cancer marker test that came out negative for cancer. On May 15 2009 I had the right ovary removed, and the mass was cancer. The doctors say the mass was a secondary tumor from a primary tumor of the stomache and is called a "krukenburg carcinoma." Four days after the removal of the ovary I had a endoscope, and colonoscopy with tons of biopsies. The biopsies all came back negative for cancer. The day after the colonoscopy I had a PET scan which came back clear or neg. for cancer. Then in June I went back in for exploratory surgery, and removal of the lft ovary and uterus. When they got in they found cancer on the lft. ovary, and on the peritoneum wall. The exploratory sugery showed no tumors on any other major organs. I just finished my fourth chemo treatment with f5u, cisplatin, and taxatere. I had a CT scan done a week and a half ago which came out clear. I am going back in on Oct. 26th 2009 for more exploratoy. This is because there is no other tumor in the body to compare and see if the chemo is working. So they are going to see if the "seedings" in the peritoneum wall is responding to the chemo. I have been all over the internet, and what I have read about this type of cancer is that it has a poor prognosis. Has anyone else dealt with stage 4 stomache cancer that has mets. to the ovaries. I have not been able to find anyone as of yet. I would love to talk to you.

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My god! this is so seveire and this is really upseting me alot as, it just destroy your whole body.

I have never heard of this and nobody in my family gone through it and I wish nobody suffers from such situation as, this is really a blunder and I am just thinking about you that how much difficulty and pain you had gone through.

Just take care of yourself and please, have faith.


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Well I had surgery on the 26th. They did a peritoneum wash. That is where they go in and basically pressure wash the whole stomache area then the send the fluid off to pathology to see if there are any cancer cells floating around. There were no cancer cells floating around. Then they cut three two inch places out of the peritoneum and sent it off. Once again it came back negative for cancer. When they explored the liver, bladder, spleen, appendix they were normal. At this point they cannot see cancer. They never found the primary tumor in the stomach. I asked the oncologist about this and he said that if the chemo killed what was in the peritoneum then it should have killed the primary tumor. So as of now I am cancer free. PRAISE THE LORD! I am a walking miracle!

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I was also diagnosed with this cancer on 9/25/2009. They removed my ovaries, appendix, and 2 lymph nodes. We initially thought it was ovarian cancer but they said it was stomach cancer. I was given 5FU chemo for 12 cycles and now awaiting results of CT. You are right about the prognosis however there have been some success stories. We can only take one day at a time and just deal with the hand that has been given us. Remain positive, try not to worry, help others, spend time with positive people, speak to those that understand what you are going through. That is what gets me through the day. I have not been in any pain or taken pain meds since last year 10 days after surgery. I have not experienced nausea or any other symptoms of stomach cancer. Sometimes I feel they have made a mistake in my diagnosis.

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My sister-in-law is 40 years old and was diagnosed with stage IV stomach cancer with mets to bilateral ovaries about 6 weeks ago. She had gallstones for many years and would have occasional attacks go to the ER have an utz done and they would give her pain medicine and send her on her way. Since beginning of this year she had more frequent gallbladder attacks and the doctor said she should get it out, so about 7 weeks ago she had gallbladder surgery. A week later she still had the same pain so went to ER and they did an abdominal cat scan which revealed thickened stomach wall and bilateral masses to ovaries, they were already suspicious that it was krukenberg. This was on a Friday. The following Tuesday she saw gastro and they did endoscopy with biopsy. Results came back next Monday that it was Cancer. The gyn said if it was positive they wouldn't do surgery and if it was negative they would. So the oncologist says no surgery because it has metastisized already only chemo. She had her second series of chemo last week. Doing ok. I have been reading that some of the people with stage IV have had surgery. Does anyone have an opinion on having surgery? The oncologist said this will take her life and that the chemo is buying time. Any opinions?

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My mother was diagnosed with stomach cancer the first week of March 2010. She had an endoscopy in the summer of 2008 and it came back clean. She went for a CAT and PET scan after the cancer diagnosis and they thought she was clear for surgery. So, the 2nd week of March, they had the surgery. It was not until after surgery that they found out the cancer is already in Stage IV, and it has metastasized. They took out 3 quarters of her stomach, took out 8 of her lymph nodes, and biopsy results on the part of the stomach they took out (near the top lining of the intestines) show cancer cells. The surgeon said had they known it was so advance, they would not have gone through with the surgery.

Right now she's in intense chemo. She had one week of "recovery" from the surgery in the hospital and started her first chemo session. A week later, she began radiation treatment with chemo to supplement the regime. She now has a week of radiation left before she goes in for the rest of the chemo treatment.

I have no idea when we will know if any of this is working. I work constantly so I have not had a chance to speak to her oncologist. My dad is the one taking care of her right now. The chemo and radiation made her lose all her hair, her appetite, her taste buds, her energy. She is always nauseous and throws up every time she eats. She has since lost 30 pounds. At 5 feet tall, she is now 94 lbs. I have no idea what we can do to help the vomiting. If she cannot eat, she cannot stay "healthy" enough to go through the chemo session.

I don't really know what kind of options are out there. It seems like this subject, as much of it is science, really is luck. The chemo is worst for her than anything else. She was not a cancer patient before the chemo, but now she is.

Stay strong. Know that there are many of us here who understand your pain and your confusion. I myself go through this everyday.

bella costache
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hi im 30 years old woamn just found out 3 months ago that i have cancer in my stomach that spreaded to my ovary..they give me 6 months to live they sad even chimo will not help in my situation ,so i decided to go to mexico and have my ovary ,tubs,and uter removed there.the problem is that 3 days ago a new ct scan show that the cancer spread all over my abdoman..im so scared dont know who to talk to or where to find a dr who will take my case and try to save my life..please whit all my heart help me if anyone know anything more about this rare cancer.

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hi, I'm a 22yrs old female student.  just last month I had undergone partial oophorectomy as I had a 9cm cancerous tumour, luckily both the ovaries were unaffected. but after the surgery I was recommended for endoscopic biopsy of my stomach and it was found that I have stomach cancer with ovarian metastasis. tomorrow i'm going to meet an oncologist who will guide me through my treatments about which I'm totally clueless. if anyone here have experienced the same then kindly help me with the details of what will be next so that I can mentally prepare myself. thank you.

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Helo anu

I too have the same tumor i had right ovary removed on july 2016 and later found primary tumor was in stomach so had chemo DCF regimen 6cycle and then total gastrectomy with HIPEC on jan 2017.i was on xeloda 2000mg per day. But my pet scan on october 2017 showed left ovarian tumor n i had it removed .now m planned for EOX chemo. Hw r u doing now?wht treatment plan you are undergoing?plz do share 

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