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WooHoo 1 year today!

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Today 1 year ago I ran the bell!!!  Each 3 month check has resulted in, "everything looks good".  I continue to visit my Naturopath and do all kinds of self care.  I had a small setback when I had my heart procedure in June but I am slowly recovering from that as well.  I don't have the kind of energy and stamina that many of your report but I keep chasing after it.  I think once I get that back I will feel less fear about recurrence.  (does that ever really happen?)

The main thing I keep doing is reminding myself that weak or strong, tired or full of energy, pain or pain free this is the day that I have- this one precious 24 hours to LIVE MY LIFE.  I try to be filled with awe and gratitude about all the blessings big and small in each of these 24 hours- there are SO many when you are looking for them Wink  I reach out to as many others as I can to share hope and love.

You ladies have been such a huge blessing to me!  How very thankful I am for each and every one of you.  I keep you all in my prayers daily and today as I celebrate 1 year I think of each one who has come behind me- have faith, you will get through this.  Keep coming back and gaining insight and hope and courage from the stories here.  May we all be dancing with NED (no evidence of disease) and not take for granted the miracle of a single day!  Many BIG OLE (((HUGS)))

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And you are blessings those you encorage.

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Nellasing, I hope you get to celebrate this wonderful milestone - you've earned it! May you have many, many more years of dancing with Mr. NED! Kim

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Congrats! May you dance with NED forever!  BTW, about the 18 month mark post chemo is when I started feeling more like my old self. You still have a bit of time to go for healing.  :-)

Love and Hugs,


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Lou Ann M
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That is such good news.  May you dance with MR. NED forever.

Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann 

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You have such a fantastic attitude.  I so appreciate what you share with us and admire your spirit! 

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What great news! 

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So very happy for you! Thanks for sharing! I love reading others positive outcomes! (I rang the bell May 3rd of this year and can't wait to post my one year anniversary next year!)

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Congrats! Fantastic news that we hope goes on forever!

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I'm pretty new to this forum and at first I was looking for information and then I was surprised to find out how good the support and the understanding felt.  But what turns out to be the most important is the celebration.  The success.  It gives us hope and that is the most important healer of all.   Your success is our hope Nellasing and we are delighted and grateful to celebrate with you!!!

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Hey Sorry this is so late.  I read this a while back and started thinking about my year mark too.  congradulations to you.   With you and MA bound sharing got me thing about us all who did chemo together.  Im not sure when I ended chemo.  It was some time towards the end of October.   Weve come a long way. 


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That's ok!  Everyone was so sweet to send good wishes.  Thanks for your congrats and YAY for you- 1 Yr. down- celebrate!!  (((HUGS)))

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That is wonderful news. Hopefully one year builds unto another and another and another.  It's easy to forget there are women who have beaten this disease and gone on to live happy, healthy lives with no recurrence.  It's also great to see women who have had a recurrence, treated it and gone on, cancer free.  As I always have told our son who has T1 diabetes, a cure is out there and when it comes you want to be in the best shape as possible. 



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Congratulations on your one year NED.  Hope it is forever.

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Congratulations on your one year anniversary! May you have many, many more years with No evidence of disease.


a/k/a Jane

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Congratulations on one year being NED. It gets a bit less stressful as more time passes.



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