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74 yo mom with Stage IV Perlmutter vs Sloan Kettering plus trtmts

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My mom is 74 and we just has the shocking discovery that she has Stage IV colorectal cancer. It was discovered during a CT scan when she couldn't move her bowels for over a week. She had surgery but the mass in the upper left quadrant was "stuck" and the surgeon said it was too dangerous to remove, so he left it and gave her an ileostomy in order to eliminate. We are waiting on some test results for marker, mutations etc, from her biopsies. They found a couple of spots on her liver. And now the medical oncologist said some of the stains were weird, so they want to do an endoscopy, to see if this originated in her stomach. I sure hope not!

The surgeon said this is terminal. The medical oncologist was a bit more encouraging, but only spoke of treatments, not cures. The MO is associated with NYU Langone/Perlmutter Cancer Center.  I told mom that we are by Memorial SLoan Kettering and we should go there for a 2nd opinion once all tests are done, including endoscopy and PET scans.

I was wondering if anyone has had direct experience treating Stage IV Colon Cancer in either of these places. MSKCC is reknowned. NYC has several hosptials but this is a for-profit health care industry we're in. As we left Huntington Hosptial on Long Island, I heard the head nurse saying "ANd don't forget, we're the best."  You can only trust what staff says so much. They have to endorse where they work. It's a competitive business. 

So, honestly. Am I right in thinking MSKCC is the best choice hands down? Or are there better ones for this cancer?

Also, as part of encouragement, people keep talking about new things always happening in terms of drugs, chemo and clinical trials. Anyone here have luck with that or are we being fed false hope?

My mom has gone through life, having never had issues other than a bit of psoriasis, which hasn't even bothered her. She hasn't even had arthritis pain! She has always been a lively, fiercely independent, strong woman. She is still a real estate salesperson! What she's about to go through is going to be all new, but there's no reason for her not to fight for life. She was far from languishing beforehand. She's my absolute best friend and the person I trust the most.  We all expect to lose our parents eventually, but I will be devestated beyond repair. Especially if she goes like this. 

Thanks. I wish the best to all of you and **** CANCER!!!

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I have been throughalot with my mother. If your I interested, please let me know.


Thanks Paula

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Yes of course. THis is all new to me. I'm new to this site so will have to navigate the inbox/email sections. But will be in touch. Thank you for the kind offer. Smile

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I've been seeing Dr Nancy Kemeny over at MSKCC since I was diagnosed in Feb 2004. She was my second opinion. My first oncologist gave me less than a year to live. While I've been through a lot and I'm still getting treated, I'm confident I made the right choice. Everyone's experiences are unique but Dr Kemeny has an incredible success rate among her patients. 

I highly recommend going to MSKCC. 

Hope this helps,


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Yes, that absolutely helps. I will look into her. My hope is that whatever Dr. Kemeny recommends can be done at the Commack branch of MSKCC, so that she can make the trip easily. My understanding is that when you get one doctor there, you really get everyone; a team. So I hope that means the hospitals work in concert with each other. 

My very best to you!

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