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Possible brain cancer

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Hi ~  Newbie here :)  I am a 5 year survivor of breast cancer.  Just as I am rounding the corner of my 5th year as a survivor, my retinal doctor spotted something in my eyes and directed me to my neurologist who ordered a brain MRI.  He is looking at "occipital lobe pathology".  His concern is that cancer may have spread to my brain.

I have been having unusual symptoms in my vision, an increase in seizures and migraine along with daily headaches and just not feeling well, all this in the last 2 months.  My MRI is end of the month, going in today for bloodwork. 

Just like last time, my friends have disappeared, no support.  It's very difficult at my age (66) to find and keep friends.

I am scared and am holing up in my home. The more time I spend away from people hiding, the more difficult this is to cope.  I don't drive anymore, so I am very limited as to what I can do during the day, so mostly sitting and rocking in my rocking recliner and reading :(  I live in a senior home and gossip is difficult to deal with, so it's best to just stay holed up and away from everyone. I used to live in a large apartment with a large balcony and did alot of gardening and that helped with feelings of isolation, but here, I don't have a balcony.  I keep asking for someone to take me to a plant nursery to pick up some plants for inside my apartment, but none seem interested.  I keep asking for someone to take me to the stables around the corner so I can just be in the barn environment and see the horses, but no one is interested.  I don't like to travel alone now due to having increasing seizures.

Thanks for listening.



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Hi, I just joined this website this week, and your post pulled on my heartstrings.  Loneliness is the worst.  If you live in Southern California, I'll drive right over there!  How are you doing now, two months since your post?  I am in the waiting stages between a CT scan that showed I probably have lung cancer and a PET scan that will give more information.  I am also 66, but aside from a slight, long-lingering cough, feel like I have good health.  Would love to hear how you're doing.  God bless!

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