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Speaking of hope

Lou Ann M's picture
Lou Ann M
Posts: 996
Joined: Feb 2015

i have been saying lately that there is always hope.  I proved that to myself today.  Ok, I have stage IV metistatic Serous Papillary Endometrial Andocarcinoma cancer and have been on this roller coaster for over four and a half years now.  Two weeks ago at my doctor's appointment, my oncologist tells me that the immunotherapy probably isn't working and that we are running out of option.  I have a tumor now growing between and into my spine and Vena Cava vein.  He was fraud of surgery and radiatio but still had a few options, A Match trial and still another chemo.  I left pretty dishearted. Even told him that I liked the idea of my vein starting to leak and going to sleep in Jesus arms, no suffering. in less that an hour my oncologist called himself to tell me,that he had talked to the radiologist and that he was sure that he could safely radiate this nasty invader of my body.  My oncologist was excited because this will mean that for now the tumors left will all be small.  Talking to the radiologist, today, my hope is still there.  We can never give up hope.  Maybe God still has plans for me.

Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann

Posts: 572
Joined: Oct 2009

Lou Ann, I have read your posts throughout the years. Your spirit is amazing...I will keep you in my prayers. Please   

Keep your faith and hope strong. I am sending my guardian angel to give you hope and peace. Hugs and prayers Lori ( another survivor... ) 

henhill's picture
Posts: 123
Joined: Aug 2016

God Bless you and keep you Lou Ann


Posts: 266
Joined: Apr 2011


 I wish you the best with your treatments and will continue to keep you in my prayers.  Do not ever give up hope and hopefully, there will be a cure for our cancer and all the other cancers out there down the road.


a/k/a Jane

Posts: 19
Joined: Feb 2017

I came by here tonight to check on you ladies. I was especially thinking of you. Lifting you upwards.

Soup52's picture
Posts: 906
Joined: Jan 2016

Prayers for you Lou Ann. You have a wonderful doctor who explores  all avenues! I'm filled with hope for you!

NoTimeForCancer's picture
Posts: 2937
Joined: Mar 2013

Rubyshoes, I couldn't have said it better.  Lou Ann, "lifting you upwards".  You are in my prayers

CheeseQueen57's picture
Posts: 936
Joined: Feb 2016

You're in my prayers.

Posts: 800
Joined: May 2016

Lou Ann  Your an amazing and inspiring friend.Dont ever forgetn that.

My love, Janae

TeddyandBears_Mom's picture
Posts: 1807
Joined: Jun 2015

LouAnn, As you can see by all of the responses, you are well loved here on our board. Your spirit brings inspiration and hope to many. Thanks for sharing such a personal and emotional experience.

Question - once the radiation works its magic on the large tumor, will you go back on the immunotherapy for the small tumors?

Love and Hugs,


Lou Ann M's picture
Lou Ann M
Posts: 996
Joined: Feb 2015

i have finished 5 of 18 radiation treatments and need to ask the next time I see th radiation oncologist when and how we will know if this has worked.  I saw him yesterday  forgot to ask.  I am hoping to return to the immunotherap, but I don't know yet.  Did get an appointment scheduled with my oncologist for the week after the radiation is done.

Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann

Kvdyson's picture
Posts: 789
Joined: Jan 2016

Lou Ann, you better start planning for all the exciting things you'll be doing once this next treatment is over! Good luck with this next treatment and thank you for (always) sharing your hopeful message! Kim

Lou Ann M's picture
Lou Ann M
Posts: 996
Joined: Feb 2015

we are planning on going,to see kids and spend a few days on the ocean beach at Seaside OR in June.

Editgrl's picture
Posts: 903
Joined: Jun 2015

You and your doctors are an incredible team. So happy they have come up with this plan. The beach awaits!

Posts: 173
Joined: Nov 2015

Always, always hold tight to hope! Prayers for you and your treatment. 

beccabtown's picture
Posts: 234
Joined: May 2016

Thank you so much for sharing this, Lou Ann--not just the news that there are still treatment options, but your positive and generous spirit. I hope the new treatments are successful.

Posts: 529
Joined: Oct 2016

it occurred to me while I was reading your post that you said you heard this news 2 weeks ago and here you've been encouraging all of us and giving your insights and advice- you are a dear heart and such a blessing!  Sending up prayers that God continues to bless your Dr's with great ideas and that these treatments do what they are supposed to do.  Only HE knows when you've completed your mission- not one day more and not one day LESS.  Much Love and (((HUGS)))

Posts: 263
Joined: Aug 2016

Dear Lou Ann,

May the Lord keep you and shine His face upon you. I love your courage and strength. Praying this radiation will lead to positive results.

Prayers and hugs,

survivingsu's picture
Posts: 134
Joined: Apr 2013

Hi Lou Ann,

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences, you help so many.  It is truly amazing the strides they are making with radiation technology, so yes, it is good to keep strong and hopeful!

Wishing you the very best,


daylady's picture
Posts: 122
Joined: Dec 2014

Sweet lady... there is always hope.  You are in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs! -Helen

Posts: 1160
Joined: Jun 2016

I've been off the board for awhile but have been thinking of you and everyone often and keeping you in my prayers. I so admire you for not really giving up even though you've been tempted to which is quite understandable when your doctor seemed to give up, too. I'm so glad he rethought things and sought help from others to be able to offer another treatment option for you. I hope the next news you get from the radiologist is positive after agreeing to subject yourself to more of it. Not easy! You are so brave and your courage helps more people in their vulnerable moments than you'll ever know. God bless you. I dont think there is anyone on this board that doesn't love you dearly.

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