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The surgery was uneventful, aside from the events that needed to take place. 

It really does get better each day.  I got home yesterday.  They kept me over an extra day, because I kept dozing off while sitting on the side of the bed, waiting to go for a walk. Such a class act. The first day, the night after sugery, I felt as though I'd been hit by a bus and was still under the rear wheels. The second day, as though I'd been trampled by a stampeed of half a dozen horses. The third day, only knocked down by one exuberant yet friendly miniature donkey (Actually, I do know from experience what that last one-miniature-donkey feels like).

Today, I'm sore and tired, but mostly the pain is taken care of with just Tylenol (I am so blessed). There don't seem to be any motor vehicles or equine creatures involved in how I'm feeling. But -- yup! -- I've had that surgery.  Woot. 

More reports to follow...



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I'm so happy that you got through surgery and seem to be recovering in stages. Keep in touch and carry on getting better. Take it easy as you recover.

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You are now an official member of the club. Wasn't that fun? yeah.



JerzyGrrl's picture
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My next task is to design blazer crests / jacket patches for both Team Neph and the Tuesday (and any other day of the week) Group. Current task, however: Huddling under this cozy warm blanket. Priorities, don't ya know.

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Good for you! Each day gets better and better!



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YAAY you are on your way!

Better daze..

gentle hugs,


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is in the mail. And 1 expired coupon for pizza and beer! Live long and prosper jgirl! Good job.

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