Immune system and chemo



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    Dad has medicare, and 2 blue

    Dad has medicare, and 2 blue cross blue shield, one from GM, and one from his wife when she retired from the state of michigan.

     I will suggest half dose with his doctors 

    He does not have a history of arthritis or fractures.

     The chemo he is receiving is






    So this is R-CHOP right?






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    Thank you Rocquie,

    Thank you Rocquie,

    I will keep this in information in mind. I will watch for the pain and look into the claritin.

    Bone Pain

    I didn't have much bone pain with Neulasta but when I got the Neupogen it did bother me. The Claritin really did gt rid of the pain. I took it about 30 mins before the shot. 

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    The drugs you listed are R-CHOP, the most common combination given first-line for most NHLs.

    I did not "recommend" that your dad get a half dose of Neulasta:  I said that I received a half dose due to severe arthritic pain.  Neulasta might not hurt your dad at all.  We here cannot make medical recommendations. We are not doctors and do not write as medical prosfeesions, but only as people sharing experiences.  His doctor will determine what is appropriate for his care.


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    I understand that you did not

    I understand that you did not recommend half dose. I read what everyone writes on here an look at as an option if I need to. You gain a lot of knowledge by listening to people with real life expelrience. I really appreciate the time you have put into posting.