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Drain wound

Spivey88 Member Posts: 43

For anyone that had a drain...how long did it take for the hole to close after they took it out?

Thanks for any info :)



  • hardo718
    hardo718 Member Posts: 853
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    As I recall....

    .........my 5 "belly buttons" all closed pretty simultaneously.  My surgeon had used glue & steri-strips and the drain was in my largest incision.  (of course where the drain was it wasn't glued)

    To be more specific though, I think it was a couple of weeks and everything externally was pretty well healed up.

    Everything ok?


  • Spivey88
    Spivey88 Member Posts: 43
    Thanks Donna

    Yes I think everything is good.  All of my incisions are closed and good except for where the drain was.  I just wasn't sure how long it usually takes to close.  I have my post op Thursday for doc to check me out and go over pathology report 

  • Bay Area Guy
    Bay Area Guy Member Posts: 521 **
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    24 Hours

    Hi Spivey.  My drain came out just before I was released from the hospital (and wasn't that an odd little feeling when it came out!).  The nurse practitioner dressed the wound and told me to keep the dressing dry for 24 hours, then I could take it off.  if it was still leaking, I would have to redress it, but if not, I was to leave the dressing off and let the wound be exposed to the air.  That was around 1PM on Thursday.  At around 7PM on Friday, I took the dressing off and it was not leaking.  None of the other incision sites have leaked either.