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Good evening my sweet friends. I just finished my first and hopefully last lyproscoptic renal nephrectomy. the waiting was far worse than the surgery. Since they had to go inside my kidney, I have to stay at the hospital 2 days. Thank you for being my support team. 

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Initiation is over. We will teach you the official handshake next. Be happy for yourself. Live long and prosper my friend.

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A neph is enough.




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Bay Area Guy
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The wait was far worse.  Proud of you!  Now life begins anew.

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Rest easy.  The worst is over and the little trouble maker is gone.  Don't forget your deep breathing exercises though.  Smile


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Your smiling face in your photo (although you posted it pre-surgery) says it all.  Definitely, the wait is the worst.  Buh-bye to the little interloper, hello next chapter of Life.  Woot!


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