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HIg Post Operative PSA Level

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My story is so strange, but may be all of ours are.

I just had my prostrate removed and my inital PSA test (5 weeks) is 0.1.  I will need raditiaon, which is effective at 0.5, but better below 0.1.

Has anyone ever had a high inital PSA and then the 2nd one was lower?

I am almost aftraid to ask, as the first test should have been well below .01 and in teh .00X range.

God hlep all of us.







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Welcome to the board. I wonder what is so "strange" in your story. Why do you say that you need radiotherapy? Are you refering to a case of recurrence?

Please let us know more about your case and times of treatment and PSA. In any case be aware that many manage cure with salvage treatments.

Best wishes and luck in your journey.



Old Salt
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Isn't five weeks too early for a reliable PSA test after a prostatectomy?

Will Doran
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My Post surgery PSA, at 5 weeks, was 0.6.  That was down from a PSA 0f 69 pre surgery.  I was given Lupron, Prior to Radiation, and at 2 months my PSA was 0.13,, and then went on down to <0.010 as it still remains, two years post surgery.  I was given 8 weeks of Radiation and have been on Lupron for 2 years.  I am curently off the Lupron and we are watching my PSA, every three months to see if it will stay at "0".   All of my doctors were and still are very pleased with where I have been and where I am at this time.  To have a PSA drop from 69 to <0.010 in a little over two months was more than my doctors expected.  They were and still are floored by my progress.  So, you will find that your situation may be different than any of the rest of us.  Please know that your situation has come out better than mine did at the same number of weeks, post surgery.   As I remind myself every day, all of our cases are different,  what is for one of us might not be the same for anyone else.

So, let's all hope all goes well for you. Fight this battle "full on".   

Know you will be in my thoughts and prayers, as are all of us who are dealing with the "Monster".

Peace and God Bless


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