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lizz888--Stem Cell Transplant Update

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Hi, All!

This post is just to add to the posts here from those anticipating stem cell transplants or who already received their transplants.

After 6 rounds of RCHOP failed to put my dad's lymphoma into remission (although it certainly looked like it was going to) he went right on to RICE and prep for a stem cell transplant.  He is due for his third round this week. He did his first 2 rounds in Boise, Idaho, where we are from and will continue at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.  No scans yet, although the lymph nodes that were visible above the skin when he started RICE are now no longer visible. (Evidence it's working??)  He is very tired but, other than that, is sailing through.

My parents will arrive tomorrow so that my dad can spend the next couple months at Mayo and hopefully proceed to this transplant.

Your stories -- particularly Sten's, PO18Guy's, and Lindary's -- have done more than anything to calm my fears about what is coming.

For today, my apartment is a disaster and will need to be cleaned before it becomes a temporary home for 3 adults. (Three people in a VERY small space.)

Just want to update you guys and I want to keep hearing updates about your transplants and how they're going. Please keep updating us. I need to live with this reality somewhere besides in my own head, which can be a pretty scary place.

Thanks so much!

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Hi Liz. Good luck to your dad. I am still waiting to hear when my SCT will be scheduled. 

It will be tough have a full house while you dad is getting his treatment. Do make sure you get some alone time or time with your friends while famiy is there. I will keep all of you in my prayers.

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