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1st oncology appointment

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What should I expect for my 1st oncology appointment?  I filled out a lot of paperwork family history personal and insurence information Already.  I'm alittle nervous as I'm alittle over a month out of surgery.  does anyone have advice on what questions I should be asking or what kind of scans do you after surgery?  Do they just cover the abdominal area or is it full body? thanks!

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I don't remember whether you posted your pathology report. Follow up protocol depends on stage so it's hard to say since I don't know what stage you are. As a stage I only get a kidney US and chest x-ray every six months. And of course blood tests and kidney function. No CT scans though I had one last summer due to severe anemia but it's not part of my follow up protocol.  For higher stages it could be every 3 months and include CT of chest and abdomen instead of x-ray and US. I know many on this forum recommend CT scans even for stage 1 people but I trust my oncologist so go with his recommendation. But at the very least you should have what I get: chest x ray and kidney US if you're stage 1.

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Too much to take in. Take someone with you

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I had just had my open radical at the beginning of the month. I don't know your grade or condition but having just had my first go around with the ONC its still fresh with me.

I started with a general ONC, one that treats all sorts of cancers but I am consulting a RCC specialist before any radical decisions such as closing the door on certain clinical trials due to starting a course of treatment.

A- Go with your guts on how you feel about him/her. Seek a second opinion if in any doubt. I believe having confidence in your treatment is important.

B- Make sure you understand the Pathology report fully, where your lymph nodes removed or evidence of mets in pre surgery scans? (my lower lung mets where seen on a seen on my CT)

C-I had Brain, Bone, Chest Scans withing 3 weeks due to my advanced stage. Are you metasized?

D-DONT ask how long you have, they don't know. (I think many here can attest to this)

E-Depending on your scans and pathology they may suggest a course of drug treatment. This you will need to research for youself. They may give you a sheet of options.

Yes its scary, the inital shock is the worst in my opinion. From my understanding earlier stages are very treatable with a good ONC.



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Thanks everyone for your replies.  I'm stage 1 and was told by surgeon it was contained to my the kidNeY.  Will the oncologist answer questions like why my bones hurt, throat glans are swollen and sore as well as under arms?  

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That's great news! If you're also a Grade 1 or 2 (a measure of the cancer's aggressiveness), it's about as good as it gets. (Well, unless the tumor turned out not to be cancer, which occasionally happens.)

I'm a Stage 1 as well. (I'm also a Grade 3--not wild about that part.) My first follow-up scan will be in 2 weeks, about 8 months out from surgery.

Even in the very unlikely chance that your cancer metastasized before they removed it, given that it was Stage 1/contained, I don't think there's any way it could be responsible for the other symptoms you're reporting. It would be many months before a metastasis could produce any symptoms you would notice.

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I guess you just hit the jackpot as far as Cancer diagnoses go. I bet it aint si scary as it used to be. You'll be fine mate. Good luck


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I'm sorry you had to jion but it's best place to be when rcc is found.

1)make sure you onc is expert in rcc

2) search for second,third,... Opinion if there is any mets and you need drugs.

 3)choose a onc whom you really trust.

4)ask your onc to give you as much info as possible about your pathology. Keywords are: grade,stage,confined to kidney or not, lymp nodes nearby your kidney, size, subtype of rcc, existance of sacromatoid or necrossis feature,.....

5) your follow up routine,timing,ct/us for abdominal and pervis, ct/xray for lung, blood work, any more checking including bone scan,brain scan ,....


You can send your pathology and members with same pathology will chime in and give you more info.












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Not sure why you are seeing an Oncologist! Was it your idea or recommended?

I saw one, even though I was stage I, but had a radical nephrectomy due to position of the tumor.

And I am doing fine nearly 2 years later.

But  the reason I saw one was because of this constant pain in my back, even after the surgery.

I have other medical conditions so I wanted to cover my bases.

But you need to find out why you are swollen glands, and joint/bone pain. You could have some  kind of

infection. Have you  seen your primary doc?

Let us know how it goes with Oncologist if you care to share.


Sending you healing vibes and good wishes!


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You already have received great advice from members here, so I don't need to repeat it. But just wanted to let you know that I am wishing you the best and that you feel better soon. Please keep us posted on how your appointment goes!



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