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Surgery went well

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Hello kidney Angels

i had my laparoscopic  partial surgery Monday morning. According to doctor all went well. He removed all the tumor and is very confident it has not spread to any other areas. I will get full pathology report Monday. I got home yesterday and have been pretty much sleeping the whole time. I have had quite a bit of pain and major gas. But meds have helped to relieve that and sitting up and walking helps the gas. I hope I won't need these pain meds too long they are pretty intense. I'm going to try the band around tonight see if that helps. I feel so blessed right now having all these amazing people around helping me. At first I hated having to be the center of attention. Now I realize that receiving is just as important as giving. So right now I am receiving all your love and advice and one day I will be able to give back what you have given me. Thank you my kidney angels!


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You mentioned you are still on pain meds. Pain meds make you constipated and no one in their right mind wants to be constpated after a neph. when that big day arives. Start takin some laxatives.



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YEAH Nana, you made it through!!!

Yes that trapped gas pain is the worst sometimes eh?

Also, if you can get that wrap, place dry ice or those ice pads inside the wrap

over the incision and you'll feel a whole lot better.

REST UP, WALK and soon you'll be back to "normal."

Keep us informed as to how you are doing. Thanks for this update!

Better "daze" ahead~

Hugs, Jan

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Welcome home, Nana!

So nice to hear that things went well. Rest up and take advantage of your lovely supporters who want to ease your recovery.

Big hugs


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Great news! Surprised about pain meds 4 days out on a laparscopic.  I thought one benefit of lap was quicker recovery.  I was off pain meds in 3 days after an open partial--but it goes to show that the recovery time depends on many factors--the patient, the complexity of the operation and a little bit of luck.  Glad the operation was a success.

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Listen to your body. it will tell you what you can and cant do.

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Glad it's over and went well. Yes, walking will help with the gas. Even though mine was open and not lap I still had pretty bad gas pains. Nature will take care of that. I did use pain killers for two weeks, gradually tapering off. Do whatever it takes to control it so that you're able to move around which is important.

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Glad to hear it went well.

My robotic partial neph is this Tuesday morning.

I'm still pretty scared, but I'm in a better mindset now compared to a few weeks ago when the surgery was scheduled.  Hearing people's positive situation with the surgery on this forum has helped me quite a bit.

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And BAM ! it's over. The waiting for me was the hardest part. Im on the other side now and I can tell you it'll be okay. I am know taking it one day at a time. Yesterday was a good day for a visit from my grandson. Today I just want to relax and no visitors. I decide what I need. It is hard for me to set limits on people but on the other hand I have to take care of me. believe in yourself, listen to you. Oh as part of your recovery time, try to do fun things that don't require physical exertion. A friend of mine gave me some really cool coloring books and markers. Hours and hours of brainless fun. You may not like coloring books ( but you might be surprised these were super cool)maybe sketching or models like the ones or better yet maybe legos!!!! Hey that's a good idea I may just get me a set. No more reading and thinking too much. Heal up and then tackle this head on and don't ever give up. We will survive!

This site has been absolutely inspiring and full of hope! Please know that I will be sending my love prayers of energy to you. Please  be sure to touch base! 


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Happy the suregery went well . now on to recovery , walk, alot drink water to help with constipation and to get rid of the gas in the shoulder.( OUCH)

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Listen to your body is the best advice.  Short sweet and to the point.

The Wife always liked to show off my scars.  They used a robot with real person cost for my gall bladder.

I think she was sad to see a couple of dots on my skin.

All our best.


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Gary always gave the best post op advive. He said "Walk, and drink plenty of water." That's all there is to it.

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And that you are home!


As for the meds...not sure what to say aobut them since I was off the heavy stuff the next day.  But do know they don't help the gas problem (as said).

You know what you need best. 8-)  But do do as we ALL say, walk walk walk and drink lots (of water that is 8-) ).

Glad you have lots of love around.  That help!

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