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The time has come

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Leaving tomorrow morning around 5 AM EST to go to UPMC Shadyside in Pittsburgh for a 7:30 report time and 10:30 AM open partial nephrectomy.  Not looking forward to the day, but certainly looking forward to being rid of this 4.5 cm mass on my kidney.  Here's hoping for no mets in the future and a speedy recovery.

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You said it all, buddy.  Get rid of it and then take things one step at a time... both in your recovery and in your journey after that.  Good luck!

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For mine I had to be at the hospital at 5am..


Good luck. Look forward to hearing from you after you finally join our club.



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Wishing you the best and a speedy recovery!

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You are only having surgery. You aren't getting married. Go forward and think about what you want to be doing in 2-3 weeks. There should be some good ball games on. And you don't have to get up to work. I don't know why people get so worried. Focus all your energy on how good a thing this is that you are doing.

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Fox, I was thinking of responding in a similar way (except for the marriage part) but because I have not had kidney surgery, I didn't but having had several other surgical procedures i fully agree.

if you drink, have a nice glass of whatever, take a warm bath and before you know it, the surgery will be over. Yes, recovery hurts but drugs are pretty good these days.

get back and let us know how everything went.



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The fear of the surgery was nothing compared with the fear of what could happen if I didn't get the surgery.  After I realized that, it couldn't happen fast enough.  

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what foxhd said.  The worry and anticipation were more painful than the surgery and recovery for me.  You will be fine.  If you like college or pro football, this is a great time to sit home while you recover and watch bowl games and the end of the NFL season.  You are getting the greatest gift this holiday season-the gift of life.  Best of luck to you tomorrow.  Try to stay calm and sleep well tonight.

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College football, pro football, netflix subscription....good thing these all exist...

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Praying surgery went well and that you are resting comfortably soon.  You will not be a happy camper today, but you will feel better as time passes and look forward to all those awesome ball games over the next few weeks.  It is truly the most wonderful time of the year for more than just a few reasons!  Take time to mend and dont push it.  Look forward to the small improvements that you will make each day, be patient with yourself and any support group (significant other) that you may have.  You will not be very sympathetic with any of their problems but that is ok.  As you heal you will feel better and better, eat more foods that will help you heal and get moving as much as tolerable each day for a speedy recovery!

God Bless!



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Wishing you speedy recovery and NED ct reports for next 50 years


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