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"MY PSA IS HIGH, this changes everything

hopeful and opt...
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Last night I attended a local support group where representative from the  Prostate Cancer Research Institute presented.

This group is world famous. They are medical oncologists that specialize only in prostate cancer. One of the docs is Dr. Scholtz who wrote the Invasion of the Prostate Snatchers that you may have heard of. Another is Dr. Lam.

These guy are among the very best.

Well at any rate they showed a DVD called "High PSA, WHAT Now? which I found to be right on target.

The DVD is new. They posted it on UTUBE about a week ago.

Here it is   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QgcfVBzFNs


There are also other DVD's that can be accessed.

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Saw this the other day, and found it very interesting and well done. I believe all newbies would benefit greatly from watching it.

Thanks for sharing H&O


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Excellent video that everynewly diagnosed PCA patient should see.  Wish it was available when I was diagnosed back in 2010.  Although it all worked out ok, I might NOT have been so quick to obtain a biopsy and treatment if I had.

hopeful and opt...
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If I knew then what I know now, I also would not have had a biopsy.....

When I was a child , I thought that doctors were almost perfect: now I am sceptical of most doctors


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