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Just wandering how you are doing?

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Nana b
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I believe she has had company, seen a couple posts on FB    She is strong and will come out of this okay...

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Kathleen808, you have my condolences. There will be hard days ahead but with the strength you supported your husband through his journey, that same strength will lead you through the grief to the other side.




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Thank you so much for thinking of me.  I feel your friendship and love.   This month has been very hard but again, filled with so many blessings and so much love.  I will write more about it this weekend.  The main thing is I miss Dick so much.  I miss him, the person he was when he was here.  I'm not really lonely as I am surrounded by family and friends, I just miss the amazing person and partner who was my husband.  

My mom was here for a month and then my aunt.  Now a great friend from the mainland is here and more will be rotating in to help.    

Thank you for  asking.   <3



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