Help with my marriage

I am only 31. I lost my dad 6 years ago and 4 weeks ago I lost my mom after a very long hard battle with colon cancer. She was a two time breast cancer survivor also. My problem now is, my poor husband. I have become so distant. Withdrawn. I'm so sad and know he can't understanr. He tries to help and be there but I'm just too destroyed. How have you all dealt with this? 


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    Not destroyed by any means!

    I am so sorry to see you have lost so much so young. My heart goes out to you and your husband. You need to grieve and everybody does,but let your husband in,he is there for you,share your feelings and concerns. Every day will get better but by no means this will be easy but it can be done. Trust me I have been there more than once and I can tell you it was a lot easier as a couple to deal with the loss of loved ones. Come to this site and vent, ask ,let your feelings anything but don't bottle it all inside. You will have a sense of family here and everyone here will do their best to share from past experiences to help you . Please take care .


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    I am so sorry you are going through this. Grief is hard work, but it really is better to share. You may want to find a grief group or consider grief counseling. Couples go through a lot during a marriage. It can bring you closer together if you talk the hard times through. if you can't really talk about your grief right now, tell your husband that. Ask him to just hold you. Having lost my husband to colon cancer, I can tell you that the big things I miss are the sharing and hugs. Take care and give yourself time. Ask your husband to give you a little time, too. Fay

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    Hi Kimberly


    From the other side, when going through all my treatment I became so angry that I just about ran everyone away from me, the only one who would knot leave was my caregiver wife. She was there no matter what through all the storms in my life she helped me to safely pass over them. Death is hard to deal with what is worse is dying while you are still alive; sometime we need to just make time for each other. I wish you well