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Do I have his user name right?  Anyway, you guys know who I mean!  Anyone heard from him?  It seems like it's been ages since he posted here.

Just wondering how he's doing.

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I looked him up on Facebook the last time someone was looking for him here.   He seems to be doing well.   


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He posted on CaringBridge April 10 apparently the chemo he was on stopped working.  A scan showed no lung involvement but more bone mets and possibly lymph nodes. I beleive he still has liver mets too.

He was doing radiation for the bone mets, but determined he will not do more chemo.  He had considered a phase 1 trial, but decided not to do it.

He is trying to gain weight and rebuild some strenght now that he is not on chemo.

He remains strong in spirit and devoted to his family and the business.

Prayers, good vibes or best wishes would be appreciated I am sure.

Marie who loves kitties

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Always an inspiration on this board.  Sorry to hear he is not doing well.  Joe you are being missed on this board.  Wishing you well and hope you  can give us an update.  You are in my prayers.


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