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5 years and back in the OR

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Hi Friends,

It was 5 years, 3 months ago that I first wrote here when Dick was diagnosed.  Now, I am once again waiting in the OR waiting room as Dick has what we hope is a short and successful surgery.  He is having a biopsy so cancer tissue can be fedexed to San Fransisco for some cutting edge bio tech possibilites.  Our hope is he can go home today.

Things have been getting harder for him as pain has increased and he has some bad lymphedema in his legs and pelvic area.  He is going to physical therapy and has to wear the support garments.  He has also been off chemo for about 6 weeks as he was having some side effects he had to recover from and also opted to do this surgery. He will start on Zaltrap asap and hopefully the cancer will be beat back and he can get off the pain meds.  

That's where we are at.  It is still hard but there are still good times in each day.  Thinking of all of you.



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Thanks for the update Kathleen.  Hoping for good results and many more good times.

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my heart hurts for you all i think of dick often and this sure does not get any easier.im having my own problems and i have always admired dick for all the chemo he has been on.my poor tired body cant take anymore chemo im afraid, my surgery is next week.tell dick i am thinking about him and he has always been an inspiration to me....Godbless...johnnybegood

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Sorry to hear of the downturnFrown.  

I can only imagine how difficult this must be for you.

Hopefully the specialist in San Francisco will be able to find a new light for the two of you. 

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Hello you two.....sorry Dick is having this recent trouble....and pain surely is not an easy road to walk.  Like JBG I think of you often and JBG you are in my daily thoughts as well.

still olde man winter has us in his clutches.....15 inches of fresh snow and -15 degrees.....

sending love......mags

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My thoughts and prayers are with your dear husband Dick, you and your family as you deal with this latest situation.  I know how difficult this is for all of you.

May things improve and new efforts make marked improvements for pain and health.

Hugs and love to you all,

Marie who loves kitties


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My thoughts and prayers are with you both.

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Dear Kathleen,

I'm sorry to learn of Dick's pain and pray the doctors can find answers that will lead to success. It's been a long five years and you have been such an inspiration. Dick couldn't have a better caregiver and partner!

Dick has beaten the odds before and there is no reason to think he won't continue to have success. I know every day is truly a gift. 

Ill l'll be checking the board for your updates. 

Hugs and Healing,


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Frown  I know you've said how much getting outdoors and being active means to him.  This must be terribly frustrating for him.  I really hope the tissue analysis gives you guys a new path to try. Dick is such a fighter...I know he will keep looking for new ways to keep on going.

Give him a hug from all of us~AA

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My thoughts and prayers are with you and Dick.  

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i hope dick feels better soon  thanks for the info kathleen




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I am so sorry for this latest bump in the road.  It has been a long journey for the two of you.   Wishing Dick continued success is beating down the cancer.   Take care my friend...



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I really hope things get better soon. 


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Wishing he is able to kick cancer's butt! He has had a hard time of it, I am sorry that it's so tough on him. Please make sure you take care of yourself, too. It's rough on caregivers as well. Positive thoughts being sent your way.


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