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A Christmas Gift

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        Have not posted in a long, long time. PCa Dx May 6,2009, with a pre Gleason of 7 and a post robotic surgery Gleason of 8 and Dx of Stage 3B. Went just under a year with no post surgical changes and then a very, very slight increase in reading (0.02). Some would say not enough to react. I, and my urologist thank goodness, are very proactive. As I was having problems with incontinence, I had to have an AUS in June of 2010 prior to radation treatment. Then upon healing, 37 bouts of radiation in July/August of 2010, in concert with hormone therapy. For two years I continued hormone therapy with less than 0.02 readings throughout that time span. 

         In concert with RT/HT, I also incorporated massive Vit. D (10000 mg. daily) which is monitored by my physician (google Dr. Pendergrast's work on same at Stanfurd--intentionally misspelled being a Cal guy). Also, began a complete dietary change with the assistance of my "much better half" in September of 2010. No red meat, no dairy, and as little sugar as possible. At first a bit painful, but you do learn how to live with such a diet and actually like it after a time. In the three plus years I have "cheated" three times knowingly---you don't always know all the ingredients when eating out or at friends, but can usually work around it. I will say eating french fries at In and Out while my kids/grandkids are munching on Double Doubles can be tough though.

         End result: every six months (lately every year) I am measured with the ultrasensitive PSA test and for four and a half plus years it has not gone above the "less than 0.02" level. At this time of year I can say I am truly blessed for I know with my numbers, it could be very different. So is it the surgery, the diet, the hormones, the radiation, the vitamin D that is giving this result? I don't know and I don't care. As one person I am in no way a scientific study. But what I am is a testimony to being "proactive" whatever your situation in life. If nothing more, it makes you mentally cope better with whatever cards life deals you.

         Let me conclude with a special Merry Christmas to those I recall so well along the way----Kongo, mrspjd, Vasco, Trew, and many more that are so helpful on this site. Compassion for those with new diagnoses, compassion for those whose treatment options have failed, and just compassion and help in general. For that, I for one, will be ever grateful. And a thanks to my wife Judy who I can never thank enough with her work, concern and love. And on this eve a Merry Christmas to you all.



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You are right. Vitamin K helps in blood clotting. It does not "...substitute the blood thinners...". My posting was on reverse and erroneous. I know about the effect of “K” but cannot understand why I wrote such. What was I thinking?


I am sorry for my stupid mistake. I requested to be deleted.






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Hi Bob,

Belated Season’s Greetings. I hope you and Judy had a wonderful holiday with family.


Thanks for a great update. I happened to catch your 2nd post & Beau's post a few days ago. Both replies were very informative and it’s a shame they had to be deleted when CSN admin removed VDG’s post, at his request. Due to a tech quirk on this site re the order in which the replies were connected/posted, it’s unfortunate that CSN took down all three posts.  Oh well…


Best wishes to you and yours for continued gifts of good health, good cheer, and good friendships throughout 2014.


mrs pjd

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Here's hoping that 2014 is another great year for you!  It's nice to hear that things are going so well.


All the best,



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     Nice to see you all chime in. Welcome to 2014, and let it be good for all.  Bob

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Good news is always encouraging and an incentive for others (me!)  to do better on the diet part of living. 

I am 4 yrs out from the end of radiaiton.  I had a 5+ 4 gleason at time of surgery.  And my PSA is holding at .1. 

I can do better with my diet. 

This post was so upbeat!!!

thanks, and good to hear how you are doing, ob!





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     I will never forget you and your incontinence battles, for every aspect of what you were going through rang so true with me. I have always been a very

active guy, and the limitations incontinence put on my life were terrible for the better part of a year (pre AUS). Then you came aboard echoing almost the

same concerns but for different sports/situtations. You were not able to have the AUS immediately until other things were resolved, you had it placed, and

just like that----a life changing event. Hope all is still going well with you, and you are attacking any peak/trail of your wishes. Thanks for the kind words.

Continues success to you too.



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twins in this terrible PC thing.  If I sit certain ways I still leak some, but at least I am out and about now. I"ll find a bottle of Welches grape and drink to both our health and continued successes.


And then drink another glass for all of us!!   Some of us have been through more than others with this PC thing, but we are all in it together.




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