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Wandering minds would like to know

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I was just diagnosed with stomach cancer (gone now....so they say) and stage 4 metastatic colon cancer (which has not reached any organs yet) in April this year (2013).  I was just wondering if anyone would care to share when they were diagnosed with me. I have my ups and downs, but find myself anxiety ridden with what is going to happen to me quite often. Every little thing that comes up (whether it be a pain, tiredness, or even feeling wonderful for the day) scares me. Is this normal? When I feel good...I'm scared. When I feel bad...I'm scared. I have a lot of family and friends to help me through this, but it doesn't seem to be helping me very good. I feel like they are trying there hardest to keep me positive, but they don't have cancer so how do they know what and how I feel?

i do like reading everyone's stories on this site. I would like to get to know you all a little better. I feel this site would help me better since I'm "chatting" with people that DO know what and how I feel.

hope to hear from anyone soon!

thank you,


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Welcome to the CSN, and also I am sorry to hear that you are with cancer.


We all fear the unknown!  Anyone whom says they do not fear the unknown is lieing to you.  So, find out as much information about your cancer as you can.  What type?  Where is the cancer?  What is the size?  Is there growth?  What is the treatment plan? What tests have been done?  What are the results?


The more we learn, then the more answers can be found, and the unknowns removed.  You probably are not going to go through anything that several people on here have already gone through.  So, the more specifics the more people whom have been through this can reply.


Six years, Nine surgeries later, I am still here and doing well.  Do not let the Doctors scare you to much.  The more information you learn the easier it is to cope.  Remember that you are in control of what goes on, they are just the workers.  Do not do a procedure that you are unsure of.  Do not takes meds that may kill you.  If there is not a larger percentage of help, maybe reconsider treatment options.


Get healthy!  Eat fresh food, and get away from all fast food, prepackaged foods, etc...   Exercise!  A little walk ow can grow into a large walk in a few months.  My wife and I now walk 4-5 miles every day.  Eat more produce and less meat.  The body can digest produce better.  Yes, we still eat meat, just not very much.

Best Always,  mike

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