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Pain in the neck

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i'm very new to this site but I was wondering if anyone has had pain in the back of their neck. I was dx'd with stage IV colon cancer in April 2013. My first 2 chemo treatments turned out very scary because I had an allergic reaction to the Oxiliplatin. I have since just been on Xpills until until 2 weeks ago when I started Avastin with the pills. The last several days my neck has been hurting. Cold packs, heating pads, and even aspirin doesn't seem to work. Is this normal?

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While one possible side effect of the Avastin is back pain, you should contact your oncologist to discuss this issue.

Remember that any changes in how you feel during chemo should be reported...there may be an easy solution to make it better.

Marie who loves kitties

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Chemo can cause all sorts of aches and pains...but don't you have a PET/CT scheduled for this Wednesday??  If so, that should at least rule out any cancer issues.  Best wishes for a clear scan, and let us know how it goes.  The folks out here are very knowledgeable and will assist you as much as possible in guiding you though your journey.

All my best,


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Heading to get CT scan done today. Hoping everything is as good as Oncologist keeps saying it is.

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Hopefully the scan will give you some peace of mind about that neck pain.  I developed a ton of joint/muscle pain while on chemo, and have had a ton of PET scans (and bone scans)...no mets, just unexplained pain.  I take pain meds, use heat, and am starting massage/acupuncture to see if it helps.  I hope that yours too will turn out to be nothing to worry about.  As cancer folk, it's natural that we get nervous about every ache and pain.  Personally, I'm hoping that, with time, I'll learn to be less nervous (it's only been 4 years for me at stage 4, so I'm sure the lessons will kick in any day now Laughing).


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Thank you to for the help. I got my CT scan done yesterday. They said it would possibly be Friday before I get the results. I go to my next Oncology appt next Wed. Meanwhile trying to live through the soreness. Xray people pushed around on my port so now I not only have the neck pain but I also experiencing shoulder pain. I get scared about anything that pops up thinking something is wrong. It's hard to put on a "happy face" with everyone. I don't want them to see how scared I am.

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There are many reasons for spine and neck pains, but we make darn sure it isn't vitamin D3 deficiency.  On chemo, more inflammation and gastrointestinal compromise mean worse vitamin D3 absorption, on top of the problematic D3 deficiencies so many CRC patients already have. 

My wife used to always have back and bone pains, spent a wad. She was still vitamin D insufficient at 12,000 iu per day on maintainence chemo levels.  Now with all the megavitamin D3, C, K2, anti-inflammatory flavonoids and supplements, she doesn't.  Dual use of Celebrex, intermittently, is her maximum pain pill.



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I'm sorry but can't help you with your question but hope you get an answer from someone here.  I'm sure someone will chime in with help for you.  Any treatment can be stessful along with just anxiety from going through it.  My neck tenses up because I'm so nervous so it could be just that.  Hope you feel better soon.


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Thanks everyone for your input. I called to get results of CT scan today, but no one around to tell me. Will have to wait till next week. just going to have to spend the weekend wondering and hoping. I will post again when I get my results.

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