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Welcome to the group.  I'm sorry you are going through this with Synthroid.  I don't have personal experience with the medication but I did read up on it.  If you haven't, please contact your doctor asap about these symptoms as they are considered serious.  Maybe they can tweak the dosage, change medication or add something else to balance these side effects.  

I couldn't get much information from your profile but I assume this is for a thyroid condition or your thyroid has been removed or damaged due to chemo/radiation.  Please know you are not alone here and there are many wonderful folks here who care.  Please let us know what you find out and keep us updated.  You are welcome here anytime.  I'm sure there is something that can be done.  You might also post on the thyroid board - likely someone there has similar experiences.

Big hugs and hang in there!


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I could not find a drug site that relates Synthroid to depression or suicidal tendencies, but it is strongly related to irritability and anger .  As Jim suggested, ask your doc about the dose, because what little I have read relates these symptoms to too high a dose, not to too little. 

Get a call in to your doc or his RN.  They have a duty to give you a timely response.  I hope it eliminates the emotional difficulty you are having.  I have had clinical depression (now usually called "major depression") since the almost-unheard-of age of 14, so I can at least indirectly relate to some of your troubles.

This link is reportedly from the manufacturer of the drug:   http://www.synthroid.com/whatissynthroid/sideeffects.aspx


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