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MDS AML Inversion 3

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My sister (51 years) is starting her second round of induction therapy and is very scared.   She had a blast count of 16% prior to her first round of chemo and repeat biopsy still shows 16%.   Plan is to get blasts down so that she can have a cord blood stem cell transplant.   Can anyone share with me  what inversion 3 means as it relates to treatment and prognosis?   How low of blast count do you need to have before they will do the tranplant?  She is being treated at the University of Minnesota.

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Second round of chemo worked.  She is now preparing for a stem cell transplant with cord blood.

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 My sister received two unrelated cord blood stem cell donors with a 4/6 match.   She is on day 23 now post transplant.  Her WBC is well over 2 already.   She does have stage II graft to host disease so rash all over body which is resolving with steriods.   Prelimary bone marrow biopsy came back cancer free today.  She can hardly eat due to stomach discomfort, but that too is getting better.  Very good news today.



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Hi I know this post was from years ago but I was wondering if you could share the chemo she underwent. I am searching for a survivor as my brother has inversion 3 and monosomy 7 snd has been unable to seek remission after 16 months. His doctor said there is nothing left to try and he has given up.


So glad to hear things worked out!! 

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Hi sraab, 

I noticed you posted your message to a forum topic thread that is 5 years old. To generate a more current discussion for your questions, you may wnat to consider going to the main page for the leukemia discussion board and clicking on "Start a new Forum Topic", which is directly below "Leukemia". You can use the link below to reach that page:

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