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John's (one putt) latest scan (Nivolumab/Votrient Trial)

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Received the preliminary results of John's (one putt) scan performed on Wednesday (7/24). For those of you unfamiliar, John is 16+ months into the Nivolumab/Votrient trial at Hopkins. His last RECIST report noted 58% reduction in tumor burden. The RECIST report for this latest scan will follow in the next week but the preliminary results read as follows:


Impression: Essentially stable exam. 

  •  Unchanged pulmonary nodules. Previously seen ground glass opacity in the left lower lobe has resolved. 
  • No suspicious hepatic lesions identified. Previously described punctate hypervascular lesion in the  right hepatic lobe not identified.
  • Mixed lytic and sclerotic lesions of the right scapula and left iliac bones unchanged. No new osseous lesions identified.


 This scan report was very brief which is great news all by itself. This report was great to receive as we (John and me) had a bad case of scanxiety going into this one. WHEW. . .

Will now anxiously await RECIST report for more explicit information. Thanks for the ongoing support. It's working.  




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That's great news Alice! I've been thinking about you guys today. I'm so very happy for both of you. Keep on keepin' on!


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Fabulous news Alice!! 

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AlAlice and one putt,


Always ready to hear good news. Keep it up.



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Yes, yes, and yes..!!   Tell the Putter Guy we are happy for him...

Ron :)

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Smile        Smile        Smile        Smile        Smile       Smile        Smile    ...... 


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Celebrate accordingly with crabs and your favorite frosty beverage! LOL

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Happiness is;

A GREAT SCAN!! Keep it up guys!!

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Absolutely yes.

congratualtionsas great to hear the good news!

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That is fantastic news Alice, keep it coming. I am so pleased for you both. 


All the best


Djinnie x

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Wonderful news!  Congratulations!

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AWESOME!!!  I was anxiously waiting to hear from you and John, Alice!  I am glad the scan showed good news!  Whew!  Now we can relax for a bit. I am having scanxiety for mom who goes on the 30th. Couple that with my ten year old probably having a bout with ocd these few days.  But your news made my day!  Hugs to you both and keep on keeping on!! 

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When I say good for John, I'm saying good for all of us!We keep digging in and making headlines. Keep it up John. With Alice, you have a lot to live for. Fox.

I am alive
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I am so happy for John and you!  I was wondering how John was doing. Thanks for posting and continued good fortune!

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I'm so glad to hear this!

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I hope you guys are sving your money...pretty soon John is going to have to start repaying all of those "Did I tell you I have cancer." free drinks he got.  CONGRATS!!!

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You're supposed to get free drinks?!?!?  Damn!  nobody told me!

congrats!  This is wonderful news!

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Always good to hear someone's good news!

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Tillie - Gary is referencing a post I made not long after John'diagnosis. Not sure exactly when it was, but I know John was feeling well and we were out and about in our neighborhood which is lined with restaurants and taverns. I think I posted it had become embarrassing to run into friends and acquantances because John became adept quickly at receiving free drinks. Someone would walk in to the bar and he'd very quickly manage to get into the conversation, "Did I mention to you I have cancer?" He didn't buy a drink for months. Cancer is no joke, but John's line got to be a  line everyone knew was coming.  And it diminished the awkwardness usually assocated with the subject. If you haven't tried it, give it a whirlWink! It sure worked for him.


P.S. Gary, I'll enthusiastically  buy back every one of those freebies++++++  to keep the good news coming. . .  





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Just send me the tab, you guys deserve all the freebies you can get!

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Great news!

Prayers and good health to you!


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